Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finished Wallet

I finished my wallet some time ago and forgot to post a picture, so here it is. I am working on another bag now, it will be a smaller one. My powers of concentration have been under a cloud, I feel like I'm in a boat drifting to no where. Oh boo hoo, poor me...I hate feeling this way...just tired I guess. Weather has been fog and rain and its  wreaking havoc with my joints and my mood. Burning Basket has started this week, I plan on going out tomorrow and helping for awhile maybe that will help. I went to a retirement party Saturday after work for Jacks best friend, it was so overwhelming I had to leave before the evening even started. I know things will get easier, I just have to try harder.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Wow... your beadwork is amazing, Char!

Momma Bear said...

your beadwork is always stunning!
I enjoy your depictions of ravens an/or crows. I live 20mi east of seattle and we have crows in abundance. I love their raggedy feathers and shaggy caws.
I too hate to have that "join my Pity Party" feeling, BUT, you did just loose a big part of your heart and that will take time to mend. reminders will be everywhere for a long time. find your peace in a place where you are your focus.
his memory will never go away it will just get sepia-ed or fuzzy with time.
you need to take care of you.
he no longer needs your strength, but you do.
peace and blessings to you

Janna said...

Hi Sister. This turned out awesome and you know I love crows! Very cool. Love you.

Robbie said...

A beautiful piece of art!!!! We're all allowed to have down days...otherwise, we'd never know when we're having good days!!! Take care...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love your piece and your beading is superb.

Your heart will take a long time to heal. You are lucky that you have an art that you can use to express your grief and the joy you found in the love you shared. Some don't have that avenue of expression and shrivel and lose interest in their surroundings.
Say "NO" to Pity Me because you shared what some never find.

Be well and BEAD!
xx, Carol