Sunday, October 27, 2013

Desperate to Finish

I have been feeling....nothing. I can't seem to kick myself into gear for anything. I started feeling like such a bum, never getting anything finished. Now here it is almost the end of October...did I mention I turned 70 the other day? Well I did. Not sure how I feel about that, except that I don't think of myself as that old, but there it is. I hope by getting in some real Family time, my attitude will change and I will get back in the groove, if the groove is still there. So as not to be a complete failure, I have finished my BJP early. I am so thankful that I stayed with a simple project this year. Each doll means a lot to me and these last four mean..well ...that I didn't fail...I finished. And that's enough for me right now.
 September, the Burning Basket project was my focus this month.
October, well turning 70 was on my mind a lot . I do feel different I must admit, because of the loss of Jack I have had a lot of legal and financial matters to handle and they seemed to pile up this month for some reason, but I think I have them all handled now. So many things I never thought about ever having to do, makes me more determined to make sure I have everything in order for the Kids in the event something were to happen to me. I don't want them to have a ton of things to deal with. Thanksgiving.

December ..a Family Gathering in the plans. I wish all who have participated in the BJP this year, the Happiest of Holidays, and may the New Year bring everyone a Basket of Blessings.


Liz E said...

Those last 4 dolls are beautiful. They each have lovely charm, warmth and make me smile! I turned 50 this year and got my first tattoo. Not that I'm recommending you do that, but I think it is important to mark the passage of time. I hope BJP continues next year and you are part of it :-)

Janna said...

These are all very cool sister, and I am ashamed to say that I didn't realize that this was your 70th birthday!! I maybe would have done some teasing about that, I am your sister afterall and we do those sorts of things!! :) Love you!

Evanna said...

I have so enjoyed seeing your dolls over the past year. Like you it has not been an easy year after my mum suffered a stroke sold a holiday bungalow in Wales, bought a house round the corner to us and finally hope to complete selling her family home for the last 50 years. My big sister passed away from cancer in 2009 so I have had to tackle things i wondered if I could do. Mum is a hoarder which is a blessing (so many lovely surprises when unpacking boxes) and a curse (so many boxes) and like you I have become very keen on getting stuff sorted especially as I had a health scare and breast surgery in October. I too am looking forward to Christmas with family as a close on such an eventful year. I hope BJP continues as i have so enjoyed making an connection with so many creative folk. Happy Holidays.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I just turned 62. Seventy does not seem old to me at all!! I NEVER think of myself as 62. Sometimes I'm pretty surprised when I look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back.

After a loss it takes a while to shake the blues and mourning takes its toll. But you are doing well to make your dolls. I think Family time will be just what you need. Lose yourself in it and enjoy.
xx, Carol

Sabine said...

Congratulations on these four lovely girls! Are you considering to join BJP 2014, if it will be running? In any case, all my best wishes go to you.

Cyndi L said...

Congratulations on finishing up the challenge...I think! I'll miss seeing each of them slowly revealed over the coming months, but hey, I know that feeling of too much to do and not enough hours in the day. Hope to see you next year!


I think your dolls are amazing!! i have my favorite its my phone default picture ...... this year has gone to FAST to SLOW!!! just too much lol!! Love to you Char!! to be 70 like you is looking pretty dang good from here!! Ü

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