Monday, July 21, 2014

Starting Again

Well, this is my third try at getting back to the blogging world. Its been a year since my life took such  a turn with the loss of my Husband. I've been trying to find my purpose, if there is such a thing. I wonder if everyone goes through this when they lose their spouse. Its left me feeling a little fragmented. There is so much to do....its kind of overwhelming at times and feels like you're on a roller coaster. Up one day and in the pit the next. I have accomplished a few things and have a "sort of" plan for more projects, now I just have to find the drive to do them. I have been moving my bead world out of my attic workroom and down stairs. What a chore! I found a couple of great drawer sets to store my beads in to try and keep the mess at a minimum.  Having an attic workroom was so great because I could shut the door and no one had to see my mess, now I will have to change my ways thats for sure.
This is the latest neckpiece that I finally finished. I love Laura Mears' ceramic pieces. Besides the Goddess I used Paua shell cabs, vinatge pieces and tila's.
This piece sold this week. I loved the neck piece, however, the woman who bought it was the perfect one. She put it on and it looked stunning on her.
This is one of the set of drawers that I have purchased. I love it, its old and built strong. And its full of seed beads.  The other set of drawers (18 Drawers) is almost full with misc beads, cabs, pendants, etc. These drawers are not deep so they do not hold as much as the above set of drawers. I have white washed it but have not decided what color I want to paint it. I will distress it so that its age will show.
I've also been working on a few sewing projects, which I took pictures of but can't seem to find them to upload them here...oh well, another day.
Today was such a gorgeous day here, even the breeze was warm, which is such a treat. I struggle with staying inside on these great summer days, you never know if its the last one, so you (I) have to be outside, which has greatly slowed down my time spent on projects. I have a mini garden which I have so enjoyed, I miss the big garden I had down in Oregon.
I have tried and failed three times to get on with my Bead Journal Project this year. Nothing I tried seem to work,  I guess I should not have signed on for this project, but I was afraid I would quit all together if I didn't commit to this. I WILL finish it. I've never been a quitter and I don't intend to start down that road now.

A snapshot of some of Ahna's pots in front of her shop on the Spit.

A heart shaped rock I spotted  on the Beach.

This was out front of the Boardwalk Fish N' Chips on the Spit.
I have probably taken similar photos time and again on my walks on the Spit, but I take them anyway. I like to have pictures that I have taken as inspiration for my Watercolor paintings.
Well, so much for now, its work tomorrow and everything else will occur as its meant to do. I just wish I could find a purpose for the rest of my life. Aaahh well.....


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Char
I know several people that have lost their spouses that feel the same way you do. My SIL lost her husband in January, but she has been kept so busy because her daughter is dealing with breast cancer treatment and her father with lung cancer, I don't think she has very much time to think about his being gone..until night when she is alone.

My sister has become a hoarder and recluse since her husband passed away.

I have no advice. But your beading is so gorgeous I hope you will be able to focus on it more.

Best wishes, Char. I think a lot of people are looking for their purpose.

Sandy Markley said...

I just started back here a few days ago myself. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
You work is beautiful and your dresser that you found is so lovely. I would love to find something like that. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Janna said...

Well it is after 3:00 in the morning can't sleep and just saw your blog post. Your necklace is beautiful and I love that drawer unit!! I forgot to ask when we talked what you have been sewing? I'm glad you are blogging again. Love you.

sheilaposter said...

I just ran across your blog while blog hopping and I am moved by your plight. This is a suggestion, what about trying the Ertist Way. It might be a good discipline for you right now.. I started it a number of weeks ago. I lost my mom this summer and needed to pull every thing together and find myself .Its been helpful

indigo heart said...

char, love, i'm so very sorry about your husband. {{{hugs}}} wishing you peace and purpose. may God's love pour on you--you're in his hands.