Sunday, November 29, 2015


Well, my plan to blog again has been put on hold for awhile again. Last Friday my Mother passed on, not unexpected but very hard anyway, she was 91 years. Up until 6 months ago she was still going and doing. Then she took a fall at home and just never regained her will to go on. My Sister Carol was her main caregiver with support from youngest Sister Janna and her husband Ken. My living so far away has left me feeling like a shirker, as my only contribution was verbal, I did get to talk to Mom every other day.                                          Then the following day a very dear "brother" friend passed on. He was a great guy, and such a wonderful singer and musician, when you could talk him into it.                              Then yesterday my brother-in-law Joe passed on. OK enough!!!!  I almost don't want to answer the phone.
  It's not just my loss of course, there are families left behind to deal with these losses also. We are none of us guaranteed tomorrow as we all know and should live each day fully. I tell myself this every day but I don't think I'm listening.  I'm still, two years later, trying to deal with the loss of my husband. I feel like I'm on a slide barreling down hill,  every once in awhile I try to climb back up, then I seem to lose my footing and down I go again....Oh boo hoo..enough already.
  I have been doing a little beading and watercolors, but not much. I do a lot in my mind just can't seem to get it done physically.
   Well enough of my whining....tomorrow, tomorrow, or tomorrow........maybe.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Try try again.

My sister  has been asking me to blog again, so no promises Carol but I will try.. I'm not sure how to load pictures with my kindle so I will have to try using the grandsons computer. I haven't been beading lately, mainly sewing aprons and bibs for the gallery, but since I sold the neck piece I need to get back to beading again.  I want to do something different for the gallery this next year, just haven't decided what just yet. Maybe amulet bags. Time will tell.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A New Year

Once again I am going to try to get back to blogging.  2014 ended bad/good. My oldest Daughter was diagnosed with three different types of cancer. I flew down to be with her when she went in for her surgery and to try to be of some help when she went home. The surgery went ...well, she went in first for a dye test to see the tumor and which way to go with the surgery, when she was brought back to the room, she told us that she must have been confused when the Doctor talked to her prior to going in for the test because she thought they were to put the dye in her hip but instead they put it in her breast. What?? When the Doctor came in and she told him, he left abruptly, came back, apologised for the error,and re-scheduled the dye test . Second try, she went in for the dye test three days later, and guess what...they had no dye. Went home and later in the day they called and she went back in and the Doctor drew a circle, marked the site with an X and signed his name on her hip. The test was finally done, apologise were forthcoming from the nurse who was sure we were all idiots and that they knew better (the first time), and was more than rude to all of us. The surgery was a success on the tumor, they were able to clean all around the area and the biopsy came back good, she also had a small mass removed from her stomach and a questionable site on her chest. She still has to go in for "scrape and burn" on the skin cancers and they recently did a check on her thyroid. It was a stessful time for the whole family, especially the debaucle at the hospital since my Daughters husband is a CNA there and so is my middle Daughter.
My Grandson came home with me, and he has been a wonderful housemate. He got a job within three weeks of being here. He is working at the Fish Factory....smelly and tireing but he says he likes hard work and has made some friends, he plans on getting on with another "fish" plant this summer, since both are "on call" jobs. At this point his Mother and siblings are planning on moving up at some point this year or next, not sure just when.
I have been beading again, did some simple stringing to boost my display at the Gallery until I could do more Cabachon work which I enjoy the most, along with bead embroidery, which I have some plans in the works for some handbags.  I will post pictures of what I have been doing. I belong to a group on line started by Robin Atkins called the Bead Journal Project. This year I finally decided to do a new Cabachon necklace for each month. So here are the first three for this year:
 I used a vintage cab for the centerpiece, firepolish and crystal beads for the fringe and neckpiece.
 I really like this one, I used a round adventureine cab and amazonite beads for the embellishment around the cabs, and for the strap and fringe.
I "captured" a coral cab with netting and used faceted onyx and coral in the fringe and strap.