Saturday, May 21, 2016

Try try again.....again

So much time has passed I hardly know where to begin. Our Grandson Ryan is coming for a visit with two of his friends. They are in Anchorage now and will be coming down this way tomorrow.  I have really been looking forward to this visit. He has only been here once before and I think he was only about five or six years old. I was so hoping the weather would stay beautiful, but this is spring time in Alaska. 

I have not been idle but with my daughter moving up I have been "re-locating" things here in the house. I definitely have way to much "stuff" and plan on getting rid of a lot. I have been using my sewing room as a "holding pen" ...well enough said about that....that's a headache for another day.

My beading is now in my bedroom and if I can get my lighting right, it should work out fine.....I hope.  With this new computer I hope to get some pictures downloaded to the blog soon.

Definitely feeling my age.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh yah, that AGE thing. It grabs you when you least expect it. But it's ok to slow down and take a little longer to do things. I think we will NEVER catch up with technology. I have moved my "room" so many times to accommodate the in and out of my daughter and grandkids. I said the last time was the LAST TIME. We'll see. But my stuff is staying put. If she comes back we're getting one of those little houses and put it in the back yard, lol.

Glad to see you post. Hope to see you more. I've missed keeping up with what is going on with you.
xx, Carol

Janna said...

You have been busy! Everything you make is beautiful!