Sunday, July 31, 2016

July has come and gone

Well, its the last day of July and the Fireweed has reached the top already, saying goes, when the fireweed reaches the top its only 6 weeks until winter. What a bummer. This has been an incredible summer. The weather has been beautiful, and I've had visitors, which has been a long time coming. My Grandson Ryan and two of his very dear friends came up and spent 10 days, what a joy they were, I hope they come back again soon. Then my youngest daughter and her youngest son moved up and one day later my Grandaughter Tosha and her family came up for ten days. We had a great time. Tosha's oldest daughter Dahlia stayed on for another month after they left. She is eight. The same age her mother was when she came up and spent a month with us. I still had her mothers rubber boots that I had bought her to go fishing in and they fit Dahlia so she was able to wear them fishing, so fun. At the end of that time my oldest daughter Kathy and her husband and son came up (Tosha's mom) and stayed for 10 days and then Dahlia went home with them. It was a busy month and a half, but fun.

Now its my son's turn to come up with his boys, if only. And none of my Sisters have ever been up to visit, I always go down there, but this year I had home repairs to do that has taken up my time and money. A new roof, finally, and a new window, and next week the stove repair man is coming ..I hope.. I had planned on repairing the deck around the house, one section at a time, but instead, I have to tear it all off.  Seems all the under pinnings are as rotten as the boards on top. It comes in bunches doesn't it. Some friends have volunteered to come in September and help demolish the deck and build me a porch on the road side and re-do the deck on the water side. I consider the water side the front of my house anyway, and we never sat on the road side of the deck anyway, so by just putting on a porch it should save me some money. I hope anyway.
The view on the water side.
 Why would I want a deck on the road side when I spend most of my time enjoying this view.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice to hear from you. Glad you have had visitors and glad you have friends to help with repairs. Yup, a porch on the water side is what I would want. Post more often. It's good to keep in tough with even cyber friends.
xx, Carol