Monday, February 27, 2017

Took my friend Geri out to lunch today for her 89th Birthday. We went out to the Restaurant at the end of the Spit and had our favorite Halibut fish and chips. We were joined by three other ladies that have been Geri's friends for many years. Geri now lives in a Senior Care home and is not very happy with the situation but has no choice. She has to have someone with her at all times because she falls down a lot. It was cold and a little windy out there but the sun was shining.
It was a pleasant outing for her, I took her for a ride after lunch and then to her eye exam which was great again. She only needs her glasses when she reads. Lucky Lady. I took some eagle pictures while we were out there. I hope to turn them in to watercolor paintings at some point.
Our days are getting longer now which is wonderful, the dark days were hard on me for some reason this year. I am looking forward to spring and summer and getting my yard back in order and the outside of my house. A lot of work to do but TJ and the boys are looking forward to helping out, at this point anyway. You never know with youngsters. Summer means fishing which we are all wanting to do, just hope we get it all done and enjoy the doing.

Well, I need to make a few shell necklaces for the Gallery so I best get busy.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cool Eagle pictures. I suspect you see them a lot there. I live in northern Indiana very near a large river and we are just starting to see them here...rarely. I have seen once twice and it was pretty exciting.
xx, Carol