Sunday, May 3, 2020

well I should have scrolled through before making my post. As you can see, a lot of the photos I posted were repeats. Sorry about that. I will try to do better next time.
So here I go again. I have tried 3 times to make a new post and it keeps disappearing. This is for you Sister Carol so you can see what I have been up to. Beside sewing masks for others due to this pandemic I have been doing some painting, not much in the beadwork area but here goes.

 Isaacs beaded pouch I made him for his birthday .

 Apron for the gallery.
 Painting I did of this eagle nest on the Spit. The baby unfortunately did not survive.
 Daddy and me apron set.
 Lanyard I made for a Lady who had one but it was stolen. Her friend ask me to make her a new one.
 This is a phone case I donated to the Emblem Club to use as a raffle for the Wounded Women veterans.
 Necklace for the gallery.
 Painting for the gallery.
 Painting for Tosha. Her business is called Kestral Country LLC.
 Our picnic table. Had to paint it.
 Table runner for the gallery.
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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Where did the year go


Painted ceramics for the Bunnell Gallery fund raiser.

Painted this picture of Kestrals for Grandaughter Tosha for her upcoming birthday. This was from a photo by George Rosema. This is an avrylic painting.

Also an acrylic painting.

This was from a photo plus of an eagles nest out on the Homer Spit. Sorry to say the baby did not live long. Don't know if it was the weather out there or predators.

So its been a year and a month almost since I last wrote. Just lost momentum for some reason. I have been busy though and for the family that ask I will post a few pictures of the work I have been doing. A little of this and a little of that...just my normal way.

a few of the aprons I made for the Gallery. And have all sold and had to make more.

gift for my secret sister at Lodge.

These are a few more that are now at the Gallery. So enough of the aprons for now.
Now for the beadwork I have been doing..bear with me ok?
A bag  for Isaac.

A necklace for Teresa

Some of the hair pieces I made for the bridal display.

Necklace for the Gallery

A Laura Mears porcelain centerpiece, Can't get her pieces anymore, she sells only from her site which I can't seem to get too in a timely manner, They are all sold by the time I see the post.

This was a cross body bag for phone and cash that I made and donated to the Homer Emblem Club for their Veterans Program. I was told they did well with it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Whats in a word

Ostentatious, that's what a woman said as she was looking at my beadwork in the Gallery. She did not know that I was the was just her immediate reaction when she walked up to my display. Ok so how do I take that? It means, flashy, trashy, garish, crass, flamboyant, pompous, highfaluting (my favorite), swanky, extravagant, and on and on. It has left me afflicted with doubt. I wanted to reply that she was afterall in a GALLERY. But I said nothing, and here 3 weeks later it is still leaving me in a state of doubt.  I guess maybe I should hang up my beads....but then what would I do?  Oh well, just keep plugging along I guess. Am I getting thinned skinned in my old age? That picture makes me laugh...I'm not sure why....I know living in a mainly fishing village that fancy beadwork is not on the "I want" list for locals, but the tourists seem to like it. Especially the ones that live in big cities or ones that are very socially inclined.
Well, I will leave behind a yard sale of items for my kids to get rid of.

So these are some of my beadwork in the Gallery.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Deleted 5 years

Well that just takes the cake. Somehow I deleted the last 5 years. If  anyone is reading this and can tell me how to retrieve those years I would appreciate it. Just one more reason I should not be doing this. So I will try one more time to add a few pictures. What will be will be.


Beaded lamp

Teresa's handbag

JACK'S  Bible Cover

Ce Ce's birthday gift

year of the woman barrette


Owl necklace
Just some of the things I have beaded that might have been deleted by stupidity.
Here are a few others.

A New Year

Well, 2018 is off and running. I pray that this year will be a good year for all in my family and my friends. Last year was a real trial at times, but here we are still going maybe not strong, but still going.
My biggest wish is for my Grandson Jasiah that his life will smooth out and be much better this year. He has emotional problems that at times can be violent. However I have found that the good days are just as stressful waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak. Anyway, he is the main event in my prayers at night.
 Headbands for the Gallery

I have been staying busy with my sewing and beading and getting new things made for the Gallery when we re-open. Right now we are all working on painting, cleaning and re-arranging displays. We will re-open on Feb. 10th. I am loving all the aprons that I am making. I just love fabric to be honest . And of course beads, where would the world be without beads. I will try to post some pictures of what I have been working on. I do this mainly for my Sisters so they can see that I really am doing something once in awhile.     This first photo below is of a necklace I made for a friend to celebrate her daughters wedding this past fall. We walked the beach collecting shells, rocks, and small driftwood  pieces for decorating. I always pick up knarly twigs and such, which I incorporate into my beadwork when I can.
Try try again, my photo of the necklace disappeared on me. So here goes another try.
Mother of the Bride
Shari's necklace
Bride Emmy Lou

this posting is going to be a real mess I suspect. Hang in there with me. I can't seem to move the photos where I want them. The Bird box is a small jewelry box I sent to my Great Grandaughter Dahlia for her 10th birthday. I also made her a shell necklace which I included. Not sure where its going to show up in this posting but here goes nothing.......
A shell for Dahlia

Oh good grief, enough for now, I will try to post some more photos later.
Dahlia's Jewelry Box for #10

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Beautiful Friend Bea

I thought I should post a picture of my friend Bea in the jacket that I made for her. She is such a tiny little thing that its hard to judge size. Besides which she is such an amazing seamstress that its kind of scarey to do any sewing for her. She is one of the toughest Women I have ever known. She has terrible Rheumatoid Arthritis which has twisted her poor hands badly, does she complain..NO, she just keeps on doing her sewing and beading by learning to hold her needles a little differently. On this day she has on flipflops because her one leg and foot was so badly swollen from the Arthritis. She is such a character, I love her dearly.  Bea and our friend Karen have always been so gracious to share their families with me since our children and grandchildren all live in the lower forty-eight. Bea and I both miss Karen very much. The three of us had so many fun times together, putting on Teas and Luncheons at the Lodge, bumming around town together, (takes about a half hour to visit every store in town) and having our coffee and beading sessions. I made a jacket for Karen many years ago, I know I have a picture of her jacket somewhere, when I find it I will include it here. As I have said before....Time Flies......make the most of it my friends, make the most of it. Its cloudy but sunny today, and I am waiting for the tide to go out so I can go for a walk. Thank goodness for the beach..I can go there and walk and let the sounds of the water wash the stress and worries away...for a short while anyway. The grass is starting to green-up. Can't wait for things to bloom out so it doesn't look so darn drab! I am still working on my two beading projects..haven't had much time lately, don't know why..hope to finish up at least one today. Time to get moving................