Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alaskan Eagle Kachina

FINISHED!!!!! With time to spare, and to look at him and maybe add to him or not.  I "finished" the Kachina this AM and sat him on my ironing board to take his picture and my worst nightmare came to be..he fell off on to the floor right on his beak!! I was horror struck and for a few moments all I could do was stand there and look at him lying face down on the floor. I finally made myself pick him up and HALLELUJAH!! He was just fine. What was I thinking by standing him on a soft surface?  Drove home the thought I had earlier that I might need to attach him to a wider base so that he wouldn't be so tippy. Another Blogger "A Half-baked Notion" suggested that I sew his wings (I whined about this on my blog, as you might have read), and that's what I did. I used two layers of ultra-suede, and I'm satisfied with how they turned out. Thanks Half-baked!!  My thoughts ran back to my Raven Dancer while I was staring at him(Kachina) laying on his face on the floor, remember? I had the Raven dancer all done and just had to attach his mask and when I did it snapped right in half! I ended up adding a wider base to him also.  I wonder, should I come up with a feather to put in each of his hands? The Kachina I mean. Hmmmmm....something to ponder on. Half-baked has asked for a side view of the Raven, so I am editing this post to include another picture or two.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eagle Dancer

Well, I have been working on a Kachina Doll for my Daughter. My problem has been that I have no access to feathers, at least not the one's I have in my mind. I guess I will have to Google feathers and see what I can find. I have been to our local Mercantile store, but they have very little in the fishing section and the Gear Shed has no feathers at all. I have to make wings for him and I really don't want to make them out of clay like the ones I made for his top knot. I am afraid they wont travel pun intended.  I still have to make his sash and moccasins and add a broader base so he wont be tippy. Time is running out......... I used Raindeer beard for the fluff around his neck and in the top knot to make it fuller. He will be a true Alaskan Kachina.  Well, back to the workbench.........we have snow........enough said.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Still Beading

I have been busy, even though I have not posted. I agreed to do an Arts and Crafts Fair with a friend of mine, I don't know why.......the last time I participated in an A&C Fair was with my sister probably 30 years ago. Wow! Could that be right? Well, its been very painful I must say. I've made a few baby bonnets, small card cases which I know should sell,( I've made a lot of these),  beaded 8 Eskimo Angels and made necklaces out of them, made a few polar fleece hats and a few more baby bibs. I'm just at a loss as to what to make. The two or three gals that are sharing the space all do jewelry, so thats not an option as far as I'm concerned. Ah well, what ever sells sells what doesn't...goes to the Gallery next season. I also made a hair barrette for our Granddaughters Birthday which is tomorrow. I also made our Great Granddaughter a Raggedy Ann Doll for her Birthday which was November 1st. So, I have been busy, just not chatty.

Lorilye had a Costume Birthday party, thus the smudge on her nose. Not sure what her costume was, I think she was a puppy, thats just a guess on my part.
And I have also been doing some repair work, some for the Gallery and one for myself. I made this necklace about 15 years ago and wear it a lot, the thread finally gave way so I had to restring the necklace, this time I used wire. Well, that's it for now.