Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Dresses

Hooray, amid much mental whining and trying to talk myself out of finishing, I persevered and completed the last of the little dresses. I set a goal of 50 little dresses for the year and the last of them were mailed off today!!! Now I really don't have any reason not to clean up my space and get ready to do my ornament for Jeanette Shanigan's project for the cancer fund raiser. I have until March 1st, but as you can see from my little dress project, I tend to procrastinate.
The weather here today is absolutely awful. Its 6 degrees and with the wind its minus 4. I thought if we got the snow it would warm up..didn't figure on all this wind. We have certainly had a windy windy year. The poor birds empty our feeder faster than we can fill it. Even the wild rabbits try to find the seeds the birds drop into the snow. Well enough stalling, I really need to clean up all the scraps and sweep the floor, so off I go. Happy New Year to all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Quiet Christmas

Well, all the hustle and bustle is over, Christmas was nice as always, we stayed home and spent the day talking with all our kids and family on the phone. Sounds like they all had a great day. We finally got some snow, but its still very cold. Its been staying around 11 degrees. At least this evening the wind has died down.

I received the package from that "Beadyeyed Woman" Jeanette Cook and it was full of great beady gifts. What a generous lady. How lucky I was to be on the receiving end.

I hope everyone had a peaceful and comfy day. Wonder what the New Year will bring? So much hate and discontent around the world, I hope it all get resolved and peace will come again for awhile.

Mr J gave me not one, of Marilee Dupree's wonderful Alaskan dolls, but two, well actually three. One is a girl laying on her tummy with her chin on her hands dressed in a beautiful Kuspuk with fur on the hood. The other is two little girls with knit hats and Sweaters with Jeans, having a chat over a cup of chocolate. They are just great. I bought one and sent it to my Mother when we first moved to Alaska and always intended to buy one for myself but never got around to it. But I have since gotten to know Marilee and fell in love with her dolls all over again. They have so much personality. I am including a picture of the two "having a cuppa". Marilee is such an amazing doll maker. They are just so perfect in every way.

Well, I have five more "Little Dresses" to cut out and sew to reach my goal for 2011. What a worthwhile cause. I'm sure the response to their program must have been overwhelming. I hope so. The Dresses go to Africa, South America, as well as the United States.

Well I sincerely hope everyone everywhere will enjoy a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year.

Sending Birthday wishes in my prayers to my beautiful Nephew Ryan. We wish you were still here with us, we love you so much.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I WON ! ! !

Wow, I can hardly believe it, I won the "Beady Prize" on Jeanette Cook's blog site. I really can't believe it. I always or almost always leave a comment on the blogs that I visit. They were having a "Blog Hop" which included Marcia DeCoster, Jeanette Cook "BeadyEyed Woman" and several others. It was fun "hopping" and seeing what the other Beaders out there are doing. What a generous thing to offer a prize (if your name or number was drawn). I am really excited to see what I won. I "Borrowed" the picture of the bead stash off of Jeanette's site to include with this Posting. Hopefully it will work, if not, I will take a photo when it arrives and post it then.
I spent the afternoon going through Bead books in my workroom, including Jeanette's book and Marcia DeCoster's book. I love my books. I talked Jack into ordering a book I had seen on another Bead blog that is due out this next year. Told him he could just give me an IOU for Christmas. Well, back to looking in my books. Can't wait to get my prize, which I can't believe I won. Another Alaskan won the prize on Marcia's blog, her name is Terry, I wonder if its the Terry that works at Black Elk Leather&Beads. I do love that store. I love the smell of the leather, and they always have such wonderful cabachons. The Bead Stores are the only reason to go to Anchorage. Ok, maybe the Quilt stores too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, I mailed off the Christmas gifts to the whole family today. Its always a relief to get them in the mail, but its also a bit of a let down. With the cost of postage going up, I am re-thinking what will be given next year. With 30 people to do for, on a limited income......but, never fear, I will come up with an answer. I was invited to attend a friends Grandson's Christmas program this evening, that was fun. And, I didn't cry this time. Isn't that silly? I guess I cried (quietly) every other time, because I know I'm missing my own Grandchildren's programs. Well, enough of that! Now I must get my work room in some sort of order and get some projects going to get through this strange winter we are having. Cold, 40 mph winds one day, cold, pouring rain the next. This is Alaska for petes sake...just get on to the snow and let us warm up.
Did a little blog-hopping this evening,its so fun to see what other beaders are doing, but kind of frustrating too. The circle of beady friends that used to get together have all moved on to other things, so looking in on other bead blogs has become my source of inspiration. The beaders in the lower 48 have so many more resources and classes available, and that too is frustrating. Good grief...its time to shut up for tonight. Wishing everyone in the beady-blog world a Happy Holiday. I am including a photo of the Bible cover I made for my hubby for Christmas a few years ago. Thought it fit the season.