Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year

Well, 2013.....and we still don't have those little personal spacecrafts to zip around in like we all thought we would have back when the Jetsons were on TV. When was that? The 60's ? so much has happened in the years since that show was on TV. TV has gone to the dogs!! The majority of the shows on now are just disgusting. The "Reality" shows are just the worst thing to come along in years!! Well, except for our local men on the TimeBandit. I did enjoy that show the first three seasons, but that's worn off now, and I find myself hungering for more books to read, but even those..............The world has changed for the worse in so many ways. I so want my Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren to have a beautiful world to grow up in. I feel we need to get GOD back into this world!!! Some radicals have worked so hard to get him out, and have done such a good job...where can we go and what can we do to bring him back? I just pray that our Grandchildren bring their children up BELIEVING!!!  I know that some of you out there do not agree, so I say to you....I will keep you in my prayers. Don't you want a more beautiful world? Are you happy with the child abuse, murders, suicide and rapes? No I don't think you are. I believe things will turn around once again, I just hope I live to see it. Sorry if this sounds like a downer, but look around.  Maybe its just the weather, I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day. There's always my projects to keep me busy. The Gallery will be closed for three weeks, so I will have time to get many things done.....right?  So much illness all around us right now, I guess when you get to be our age, its just part of life........Stay Young my Friends!!!!!!! Laugh often, it sure helps!

Now on to other things, today I finished my January piece for the Bead Journal Project. I finally decided to do small Art Dolls that can be used as Ornaments...see, I have a method to my madness this time. Still haven't decided what to do with last years Journal pieces, or for that matter, I keep taking out the small squares I beaded for 2011 looking them over, then put them back...I know one day everything will fall into place and I will know what to do with them. Perhaps use one or two on a handbag....hmmmmm something to think about. Anyway, my 2013 Maiden for January is all white with a touch of silver. She embodies all the snow and ice we've had so far this month with more on the way. I love making these dolls, thanks to
Robin Atkins, she inspired me several years ago to start making them. So its fun to make them once again.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 BJP Finished and photographed finally.

So my 2012 BJP is finished, photo'd and now I am ready to start on 2013. I am still trying to make up my mind what I want to do this year, but hopefully I will decide before I fall way behind. Here are the months of 2012 all together. January: Rabbit, February: Moose, March: Squirrel, April:Eagle, May: Pheasant, June:Sandhill Crane, July: Raven, August: Dragonfly, September: Swan, October: Seagulls, November: Stellar Jay, December: Porcupine.