Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tribute to Japan

I was reading through some other Beader's Blogs last night and saw a request for others to make a paper crane as a tribute to Japan. So, I went on line and found a tutorial and folded my crane. I am so amazed at the dignified way the Japanese people have conducted themselves through this wole awful ordeal that they are going through now and will be going through for some time to come. I am thankful everyday for what God has allowed me to have in my life. I do hope when the time comes, and it always comes, that I will behave with as much dignity.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I just finished my Journal square for March. We will celebrate 41 years this month so I thought the double Moon face well represented the two of us and the stars at the bottom represent our four children. I am also working on a bead embroidered collar for the show in August. I have made many embroidered necklaces, but this is the first collar I have done. It is going well, my only concern is how it will lay on the neck. Well, its just beads and thread, so if I have to make adjustments when its done....well, lesson learned. I have been using Sherry and Heidi's book as a reference so, it should work. (I hope). When I get further down the line, I will consider posting a picture. For now, I am just posting my March Journal square.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today was a bummer day at work I worked all day inputting information in the computer just to find that it did not save my changes. So...I get to do it all over again. Life is very busy right now, busier than I care for it seems. I so value my private time in the bead room, and right now, outside projects keep interfering with my bead time. By outside I don't mean OUTSIDE I mean other people and their projects that seem to have fallen my way. Boo Hoo...can you tell I am tired? At least I was able to finish the beaded piece I am going to put on a leather bag for our Grandson. It will be a gift for his 18th Birthday. He shows great promise in the bead embroidery world himself. If we lived closer together, I would be encouraging him to keep at it. I have a piece that he gave me and I treasure it. I have also squeezed in some time to start on my pieces for the show in August. I just wish for more bead time. Soon...soon...