Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cuff For the Gallery

Finished another cuff for the Gallery to replace the one that sold Sunday. What a nice surprise when Rowan called me and said one couple had bought three of my beaded pieces.  They were off of our one and only Cruise Ship for this season. What a beautiful day they had here weather wise, blue sky, no wind and nice and warm. Soon as the ship left so did the sunny weather. Looks like this is going to be another rainy summer like last year. I went down and walked the beach last night and it was just great, no sun, but also no wind so it was just the right temperature. I really needed that walk, The center "Cabachon" in the cuff is a Susan Clarke Original glass button, and the tear drops on each side are vintage nailheads. There are also four crystals on each side of the button (two on each side), and a vintage button for the closure.   Well on to other projects.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Projects Completed

At last I have finished my Beading projects. I still need to make a few more new things for the Gallery, but....although the season seems to have started already, Hooray!! The tourists are starting to come into town. The Birding Festival was a success and now the fishing derbys are beginning. Very overcast and grumpy looking today, but its already 42 degrees, now for some sunshine!! Anyway, here are the projects I have completed for now.

 This cuff will go to the Gallery, however the necklace will be mine for now. I love the Sonoran Sunrise Cabachon, its just beautiful. It was in the bag of goodies that I won from Jeanette Cook, the    dangles I purchased from Gigs Beads here in Homer many years ago, and they are EXACTLY the same as the Cabachon except that they are glass! Some things are just meant to be. I can't wait to show her the necklace, she always thought the dangles were well...less than beautiful...and I have now used them on two projects and they have fit perfectly. Makes me laugh! Also included in this posting is my April Maiden for the Bead Journal Project. The center flower is a vintage piece that I have had for some time. The leaves are lucite. The body of the maiden is velvet. The face I made out of clay and burnished it with gold. I know my Bead Journal Project for this year seems rather simple, but simple is all I can handle right now. Anyway they are pretty cute, even if I say so myself.
May Bead Journal Maiden

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Beautiful Friend Bea

I thought I should post a picture of my friend Bea in the jacket that I made for her. She is such a tiny little thing that its hard to judge size. Besides which she is such an amazing seamstress that its kind of scarey to do any sewing for her. She is one of the toughest Women I have ever known. She has terrible Rheumatoid Arthritis which has twisted her poor hands badly, does she complain..NO, she just keeps on doing her sewing and beading by learning to hold her needles a little differently. On this day she has on flipflops because her one leg and foot was so badly swollen from the Arthritis. She is such a character, I love her dearly.  Bea and our friend Karen have always been so gracious to share their families with me since our children and grandchildren all live in the lower forty-eight. Bea and I both miss Karen very much. The three of us had so many fun times together, putting on Teas and Luncheons at the Lodge, bumming around town together, (takes about a half hour to visit every store in town) and having our coffee and beading sessions. I made a jacket for Karen many years ago, I know I have a picture of her jacket somewhere, when I find it I will include it here. As I have said before....Time Flies......make the most of it my friends, make the most of it. Its cloudy but sunny today, and I am waiting for the tide to go out so I can go for a walk. Thank goodness for the beach..I can go there and walk and let the sounds of the water wash the stress and worries away...for a short while anyway. The grass is starting to green-up. Can't wait for things to bloom out so it doesn't look so darn drab! I am still working on my two beading projects..haven't had much time lately, don't know why..hope to finish up at least one today. Time to get moving................

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finished At Last!

I have finally finished the quilted jacket that I started LAST YEAR for my friend Bea. I started "collecting" black and white fabric for her jacket in 2011. How embarrassing is that. I knew that I wanted to make the jacket mostly black and white with just a touch of red, her favorite.  I am happy with how it finally turned out, I am not happy with my putting things off so long. Now, if it just fits her ok, I tried it on her before the sleeves were sewn on and it fit pretty good, just needed a slight adjustment in the shoulders. She was unaware that I was making the jacket until she stopped by one day and I decided to be smart and try it on her. Now that it is done, I hope it fits ok. She will be receiving the jacket today. I guess you could call it her Birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day  x 2 Jacket. Procrastinating is not becoming!! Now to finish my beading projects. Yesterday was beautiful, today is very very overcast but a good temperature, 43, and not much of a breeze, there may be a walk in my near future. Well maybe later, I just let our little step-dog out and its now raining. DRATS!!