Friday, December 28, 2012

Pillow Power!!!

FINISHED!!! My hands are protesting from all the hand work that was required with the ruffle because of the bulky velvet. And what in the world has happened to the thread that we buy nowadays? It used to be really strong, now it just tangles and snaps at the worst times. I fished around and found my upholstery thread and life was so much better. I really like the lace that I used on this pillow, it had a nice shine to it, made it look so much richer. I will make more of these pillows.....later.....when my hands have a chance to rest. Can't ruin the hands, have too many beads that must be put to use.  Next time I will pleat the velvet if I use it for a ruffle rather than gather it, maybe that will make it easier. Well, enough for tonight, work tomorrow and Monday, then I don't know for sure when I will work again. She always closes for 3-4 weeks in January to paint and re-arrange the Gallery. Oh good grief, that means INVENTORY!!! Ahhhhh wellllll, it will go quickly, I hope. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mixing Mediums

So the Lovely Lady that I work for will be having a Birthday in the middle of January, and I have been working on a "Crazy Quilt" bed pillow for her. I think I'm pretty much done with embellishing the top, so today I made a slow run out to the Russian Fabric Store(we have lots of snow right now) to try and find just the right lace for the edging. I wasn't able to find exactly what I had in mind, but I will figure it out.(which is quite outstanding considering the tremendous amount of beautiful lace that they have out there, not to mention all the gorgeous fabrics.) Maybe make the ruffle out of one of the velvet colors and add lace into the ruffle. Hmmm, something to think on. She collects and also sells Antique Dolls, besides having the nicest Gallery in town. Since she collects mainly french dolls, I wanted the pillow top to look very Victorian. I think it does. The Victorian style was/is really over the top with a lot of frills, embellishments etc. I was going to use more color in the embellishments, but the white lace started calling the shots, and I decided to not add any more color on top, just leave it in the background. I used clear AB bugle beads and freshwater pearls. I cut flower medallions out of some of the beautiful lace that I purchased at the Russian store and appliqued them in each corner. Each corner is different. I haven't played with the crazy quilting for several years, but I do so enjoy it. I used a log-cabin type of square, with the transferred image for the slightly off-center, center. I added color to the picture with both watercolor and colored pencils. I chose this image because it reminded me of some of her beautiful dolls.  I then sprayed the image with fixative. I can't wait to see it finished..hope it ends up like the image I have in my mind.  Once done with this project I have another quilting project started that I planned on doing several years more procrastinating....we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Then it will be time to start the 2013 BJP. Making a list land checking it twice.....................

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just a note to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Tomorrow is the 21st of December, and according to the Mayan Calendar, the end of the world as we know it. Well,we shall see. Hopefully the nutcases of the world will take a day off and not try to make this prediction come true. The loss of all those beautiful babies and their teachers last week has to be the worst thing to happen this year. My heart goes out to all those families, and to the Children that survived this nightmare, they will suffer for a long time to come, quietly perhaps, but Children always seem to keep way too much inside.  And may God bless and keep safe all those who are in harms way, attempting to keep us safe here at home. We won't be with our family again this year, but our hearts are certainly with them all. And to our Friends that are battling Cancer, my fervent prayer for them is that there will be a cure for each one of them. It seems to me that the Billions of dollars that have been raised to find a cure for Cancer, must have gone astray, because I haven't heard of a single cure so far. Of course if there was a cure it would put a lot of Pharmaceutical companies out of business, or perhaps slash their great profit margins all to heck! Thinking about it just makes me feel more depressed. Sweet Jesus please bring Peace and Tranquility to this world, and Health and Happiness to all. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
I don't know about anyone else, but I have plans for this coming year, participating in the Bead Journal Project for one thing, and who knows what other challenge will come my way. I was so happy to participate in the Traveling Bracelet Project that Sig Wynn-Evans began. I hope she finds all those Bracelets that are MIA. She certainly spread Good Will around the World.  Such a talented designer and beader.
Well World, keep on turning......if not, well, I hope we all get together on the "Other Side". I'm sure there will be peace and Tranquility there.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moose Meadow

Serendipity thats what it is. I forgot to take down my watercolor (the Watercolor Society changes the "wall" every month) when I left work Monday and by golly it sold! Meant to be I guess.
I titled this one Moose Meadow. Glad it sold, although I really liked this one and thats usually a sign that it won't sell for sure.
I have finished the beaded piece "Carmen" that I was going to donate to a fundraiser for a friend CeCe, however she did not want us to do a fundraiser. CeCe underwent two surgeries for Cancer. She runs a small Cafe over by the old airport, but has been one of the major fundraisers for the community for many years. A very independant and outspoken Lady. CeCe and my husband have a unique relationship, they love to argue, and she is always threatening to 86 him out of her Cafe. They are too funny. At any rate, since she did not want us to raise funds for her, and I had already started the piece, I am giving it to her for Christmas. Seems only fair. I hope she will like it, I still have to put it in a shadowbox and then it will be done.
I have to run now, off to work, tonight I will go up to my workroom and look up the name of the person that did the original design. Later........

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Down Memory lane

Had a wonderful long talk with my middle Daughter this morning. We did a lot of laughing, talking, walking down memory lane together. We came to the conclusion that crazy as our family can be at times, compared to other families, we're pretty normal. You just have to love each one for who they are and not who you wish they were. There's really nothing you can do to change people to be what you envision them to be, and they are probably wishing you could be changed to their vision as well. So.....just accept and love.
I have completed the base on the Kachina, so he can now be packed away for shipping in a week or so. As I was finishing him up today I started thinking about the handbag that I beaded for this same Daughter, the design I came up with was bamboo, chinese coin and dragonfly. I loved how it came together, maybe I should make myself a small bag with a similar design, I really like it. The head and body are vintage beads out of my stash. I just love those vintage beads!!!!!
Oh well, now to finish up the rest of the gifts so they can be mailed  on time. A little warmer weather would be nice so I can work up in my Attic workroom, I went up there today for a few minutes but it was just too cold. It got up to a high of 9 degrees today, dry and cold. As much as I hate to say it, snow would warm things up a bit. Wishing everyone a good night, especially my friend Karen who is battling brain and lung cancer. Too many of my friends are battling this ugly disease, when will it ever stop?