Sunday, September 18, 2011

The week is over, and the basket has burned. The weather turned off beautiful today for the final day of the basket. The event was attended by at least 200 people. It was so beautiful on the beach all day, however, when the sun went down it was very chilly and windy. The basket was well covered with wishes and memory notes, and burned quite fast. Then the fire dancers preformed as did the drummers all through the event. Well, we shall see what next year brings our way. I thought it was very fitting that a flock of cranes flew over the basket before it burned. They will be heading south very soon. I was surprised to see them as I thought they had already left us. I was visiting with two ladies that had driven up to see the basket, one was from Georgia and the other from Tennessee. They work at the Princess Lodge up in Coopers Landing all summer, and they told me that they had "termination" dust on the mountains there this morning. Wow, I hate to hear that. Summer is so short and winter so long.Well, back to the bead table.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Together" Basket 2011

Have set the beadwork aside for this week while we work on the Burning Basket Project. This is Basket number 8. This one is titled "Together". It is already looking beautiful and we've just started. The kids from the Fireweed Academy came and worked on tassels, and twig bows that will be added on the last day. The weather is normal, rain, fog, wind, and occasional sunshine. Today wasn't too bad. No rain and no wind. Tomorrow may be another matter.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Hair Barrettes

I had a request for more hair barrettes, so here they are. They requested the 4" clasps on the backs of some, so they are bigger than the others, anyway they are done and I am off to other projects now. Since the show is over at the Gallery now, I can't decide what beadwork I want to move on too. Maybe another beaded handbag or two, we'll see what happens. I really liked how the Raven bag turned out, and I hope that Mary will be pleased when Tom surprises her with it.
I brought the Raven Dancer home with me and will be mailing it off to Jeanette in a couple of weeks when she has finished with her last Cruise. She seems to enjoy being the Cruise Director and I know she does a super job. Such a nice Lady and Awesome beader. (Just a note: the top three barrettes are the ones with the 4" clasp on the back. The other two are 3" clasps.)

August Fireweed BJP

I have been busy finishing up my August BJP. This one celebrates the beautiful and bountiful fireweed that we had here this year. It was so beautiful, considering some people consider it a noxious weed. It certainly made the hillside glow with its beautiful pink color. Unfortunately, the blossoms are all done now, so that means its only 6 weeks until that OTHER season. It was a beautiful summer at times and not so much at times, but just enough to make it ok for the season to wind down...sort of. I am never ready for Winter any more.