Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Dresses

Hooray, amid much mental whining and trying to talk myself out of finishing, I persevered and completed the last of the little dresses. I set a goal of 50 little dresses for the year and the last of them were mailed off today!!! Now I really don't have any reason not to clean up my space and get ready to do my ornament for Jeanette Shanigan's project for the cancer fund raiser. I have until March 1st, but as you can see from my little dress project, I tend to procrastinate.
The weather here today is absolutely awful. Its 6 degrees and with the wind its minus 4. I thought if we got the snow it would warm up..didn't figure on all this wind. We have certainly had a windy windy year. The poor birds empty our feeder faster than we can fill it. Even the wild rabbits try to find the seeds the birds drop into the snow. Well enough stalling, I really need to clean up all the scraps and sweep the floor, so off I go. Happy New Year to all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Quiet Christmas

Well, all the hustle and bustle is over, Christmas was nice as always, we stayed home and spent the day talking with all our kids and family on the phone. Sounds like they all had a great day. We finally got some snow, but its still very cold. Its been staying around 11 degrees. At least this evening the wind has died down.

I received the package from that "Beadyeyed Woman" Jeanette Cook and it was full of great beady gifts. What a generous lady. How lucky I was to be on the receiving end.

I hope everyone had a peaceful and comfy day. Wonder what the New Year will bring? So much hate and discontent around the world, I hope it all get resolved and peace will come again for awhile.

Mr J gave me not one, of Marilee Dupree's wonderful Alaskan dolls, but two, well actually three. One is a girl laying on her tummy with her chin on her hands dressed in a beautiful Kuspuk with fur on the hood. The other is two little girls with knit hats and Sweaters with Jeans, having a chat over a cup of chocolate. They are just great. I bought one and sent it to my Mother when we first moved to Alaska and always intended to buy one for myself but never got around to it. But I have since gotten to know Marilee and fell in love with her dolls all over again. They have so much personality. I am including a picture of the two "having a cuppa". Marilee is such an amazing doll maker. They are just so perfect in every way.

Well, I have five more "Little Dresses" to cut out and sew to reach my goal for 2011. What a worthwhile cause. I'm sure the response to their program must have been overwhelming. I hope so. The Dresses go to Africa, South America, as well as the United States.

Well I sincerely hope everyone everywhere will enjoy a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year.

Sending Birthday wishes in my prayers to my beautiful Nephew Ryan. We wish you were still here with us, we love you so much.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I WON ! ! !

Wow, I can hardly believe it, I won the "Beady Prize" on Jeanette Cook's blog site. I really can't believe it. I always or almost always leave a comment on the blogs that I visit. They were having a "Blog Hop" which included Marcia DeCoster, Jeanette Cook "BeadyEyed Woman" and several others. It was fun "hopping" and seeing what the other Beaders out there are doing. What a generous thing to offer a prize (if your name or number was drawn). I am really excited to see what I won. I "Borrowed" the picture of the bead stash off of Jeanette's site to include with this Posting. Hopefully it will work, if not, I will take a photo when it arrives and post it then.
I spent the afternoon going through Bead books in my workroom, including Jeanette's book and Marcia DeCoster's book. I love my books. I talked Jack into ordering a book I had seen on another Bead blog that is due out this next year. Told him he could just give me an IOU for Christmas. Well, back to looking in my books. Can't wait to get my prize, which I can't believe I won. Another Alaskan won the prize on Marcia's blog, her name is Terry, I wonder if its the Terry that works at Black Elk Leather&Beads. I do love that store. I love the smell of the leather, and they always have such wonderful cabachons. The Bead Stores are the only reason to go to Anchorage. Ok, maybe the Quilt stores too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, I mailed off the Christmas gifts to the whole family today. Its always a relief to get them in the mail, but its also a bit of a let down. With the cost of postage going up, I am re-thinking what will be given next year. With 30 people to do for, on a limited income......but, never fear, I will come up with an answer. I was invited to attend a friends Grandson's Christmas program this evening, that was fun. And, I didn't cry this time. Isn't that silly? I guess I cried (quietly) every other time, because I know I'm missing my own Grandchildren's programs. Well, enough of that! Now I must get my work room in some sort of order and get some projects going to get through this strange winter we are having. Cold, 40 mph winds one day, cold, pouring rain the next. This is Alaska for petes sake...just get on to the snow and let us warm up.
Did a little blog-hopping this evening,its so fun to see what other beaders are doing, but kind of frustrating too. The circle of beady friends that used to get together have all moved on to other things, so looking in on other bead blogs has become my source of inspiration. The beaders in the lower 48 have so many more resources and classes available, and that too is frustrating. Good grief...its time to shut up for tonight. Wishing everyone in the beady-blog world a Happy Holiday. I am including a photo of the Bible cover I made for my hubby for Christmas a few years ago. Thought it fit the season.

Monday, November 14, 2011

October BJP

Finally finished the Journal square for October. I thought the pumpkin kind of represents Fall and the upcoming Holidays.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Fringe

Ok, so I don't know what I was thinking when I put such skimpy fringe on the last Barrettes I made. So here they are with a much better fringe. Now to get them mailed.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Fringe

So, the more I looked at the Barrette with the triangular Pietresite stone in the middle, the more I disliked the skimpy fringe, so today I took the fringe off and doubled it. Looks so much better now. So now I'm thinking that I will add more fringe on the green "New Jade" Barrette also. It just makes it a little heavier, but looks so much better. Then I better get them in the mail and quit looking at them. What's next? Well time will tell.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Four More Barrettes

I would like to say that I am done making Barrettes for awhile, but just as sure as I say that, someone will want one a color that I have not made yet. Anyway, here are the last four, the Aqua blue one is for the Gal that has ordered three from me, and the brown one with the fabulous Pietrisite cab is for her sister, who has long blonde hair, and needs a longer style barrette. She also purchased the green one that I used the" New Jade" cab and beads on.(Pictured in my previous post) Now can I move on, PLEASE. Well, beadwork is beadwork I guess. I do enjoy it, but I enjoy it more when I'm not under the gun with a deadline. Or do I?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Two down..almost three

Ok, so two down almost three......Barrettes that is. Came home early yesterday from work..not feeling so great, however today, other than a dull headache I have felt better. Back to work tomorrow. Anyway, I am posting the Barrettes that I have finished including the one I made for my boss lady a couple of years ago(the pink and black one). She showed that one to a customer and of course thats what the customer wants, only a different color. So the green one is the one I did for her, I had to make it longer to suit her but I think it came out pretty nice anyway. The copper colored one has six vintage square nailheads in the design. Love those vintage beads. The center medallion is also a vintage earring. Old earrings sure come in handy. I love using found objects in my beadwork.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catching Up.

For some reason I fell behind on my Bead Journal pages, however, I am fast catching up. I finished August and September today, and have an idea for October, then I just have November left and I will have all 12 Months finished. August was the month of the show at the gallery that I took part in and my part was devoted to the Raven pretty much, so of course my August BJP is also devoted to the Raven. September is the month that we work on the Burning Basket project, so my September square depicts this event. I received a call today for more Barrettes, just when I had a new project lined up. So, tomorrow is Barrette day, then I can get on with my other projects. I have been following "Mandys" blog, she is learning a new bead technique every day for a! What dedication she has, and what great new things she has learned. I must say I have learned a few things from her Blog also. So, someday I will have more free time to concentrate on a few new things, someday..........Well, here are my last two squares. You can't see the daggers or "feathers" on the black square, but they are there and look great. The red on the September square represents the fire, the basket is in brown and tan and the blue represents the beautiful Bay on whose shore we construct the basket. Each basket always has a "crown" or centerpiece and thats what the Face represents, the Centerfold of the basket and the people that work on the basket and come to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, the snow is creeping down the mountains, then it rains and takes some away, then it snows and brings it back, and on and on it goes. The only thing good about winter is not feeling guilty about not being outside during the day, and staying in my work room. I have finished piecing a quilt that will be gifted this Christmas, and finally finished my little painting to use on my thank you notes to the family for the great time at the Beach this summer. I decided to use the photo of our Great Granddaughter in her Fairy dress on the beach. She wasn't much into the dress, I think its because we fussed at her about putting it on and she just stuck her chin out and said NO! Her Mama finally talked her into putting it on just for a photo. Actually her little pout turned into a really cute picture. This evening I used a pattern from Bead and Button and made a cute pair of earrings and a necklace. Small and dainty, not really what I usually do, but they turned out really cute. I will have to take a photo of them tomorrow. Well, its work tomorrow, so best bring this evening to a close.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The week is over, and the basket has burned. The weather turned off beautiful today for the final day of the basket. The event was attended by at least 200 people. It was so beautiful on the beach all day, however, when the sun went down it was very chilly and windy. The basket was well covered with wishes and memory notes, and burned quite fast. Then the fire dancers preformed as did the drummers all through the event. Well, we shall see what next year brings our way. I thought it was very fitting that a flock of cranes flew over the basket before it burned. They will be heading south very soon. I was surprised to see them as I thought they had already left us. I was visiting with two ladies that had driven up to see the basket, one was from Georgia and the other from Tennessee. They work at the Princess Lodge up in Coopers Landing all summer, and they told me that they had "termination" dust on the mountains there this morning. Wow, I hate to hear that. Summer is so short and winter so long.Well, back to the bead table.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Together" Basket 2011

Have set the beadwork aside for this week while we work on the Burning Basket Project. This is Basket number 8. This one is titled "Together". It is already looking beautiful and we've just started. The kids from the Fireweed Academy came and worked on tassels, and twig bows that will be added on the last day. The weather is normal, rain, fog, wind, and occasional sunshine. Today wasn't too bad. No rain and no wind. Tomorrow may be another matter.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Hair Barrettes

I had a request for more hair barrettes, so here they are. They requested the 4" clasps on the backs of some, so they are bigger than the others, anyway they are done and I am off to other projects now. Since the show is over at the Gallery now, I can't decide what beadwork I want to move on too. Maybe another beaded handbag or two, we'll see what happens. I really liked how the Raven bag turned out, and I hope that Mary will be pleased when Tom surprises her with it.
I brought the Raven Dancer home with me and will be mailing it off to Jeanette in a couple of weeks when she has finished with her last Cruise. She seems to enjoy being the Cruise Director and I know she does a super job. Such a nice Lady and Awesome beader. (Just a note: the top three barrettes are the ones with the 4" clasp on the back. The other two are 3" clasps.)

August Fireweed BJP

I have been busy finishing up my August BJP. This one celebrates the beautiful and bountiful fireweed that we had here this year. It was so beautiful, considering some people consider it a noxious weed. It certainly made the hillside glow with its beautiful pink color. Unfortunately, the blossoms are all done now, so that means its only 6 weeks until that OTHER season. It was a beautiful summer at times and not so much at times, but just enough to make it ok for the season to wind down...sort of. I am never ready for Winter any more.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly

While we were down on the Oregon Coast, I went in to a nice little bead store called "Roots". Found some great pieces which I used to make myself a necklace. I just love how it turned out. And NO it is not Turquoise, its Magnasite....ok so it looks like Turquoise, BUT IT'S NOT!
I used the Magnasite because it complimented the the green on the Butterfly. I also used Autumn Jasper as the second color. I just can't help my love of the color Turquoise. The Cabachon I've had for so many years that I don't remember what the stone is but I think it really works with the other stones.
I think that I will make a couple more small handbags, and since the Raven seems to be my Spirit Bird, I'm thinking he will play into the designs once again. He certainly made a hit with the beadwork I made for the show. Anyway, off to beadland once again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gallery Show 2011

Well, I am pleased to say that the show in the Gallery is going well. On the other hand, I will never see my beadwork pieces again..sob, sob. However I did take photos of each of them. I am very pleased that Jeanette Shanigan, author of several beading books,( my favorite one is Beaded Adornment) stopped in and bought the Raven Dancer. She did feel that I had underpriced my work, but over the last few years I've come to the realization that in this small town, the higher prices mean no sales. The joy for me is seeing how pleased and happy a piece of my work can make someone feel, that's the best. Anyway, all the pieces so far have gone to really great people so I am pleased about that.
Today was just a beautiful day, my friend from Sterling came down with her friend from Minnesota and we played on the beach and wandered through all the Touristy shops and of course we went through all the Galleries. We have such nice Galleries here, The Fireweed Gallery is the best of course, and not just because I work there. Well, time to get ready to end the day and get ready for tomorrow, God willing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July BJP

Finally I have finished my July BJP. A little late, but not too bad. It represents our golden week that we spent with our Children and Grandchildren at the Oregon Coast. What great fun, food and company. All the beautiful flowers that were blooming out while we were there, walking on the beach and sharing the warm sand with all the seals and not having to wear shoes. Ahh, what bliss. The time just goes too fast. Wonder what next year will bring?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The month of July was very very busy. First we went down to Oregon to link up with our Children , Grandchildren and my Sister and Mother from Newport, and yougest Sister and her Husband, Son and his family and the rest of their Grandchildren in Waldport for a week. What a wonderful time we had. We met our newest little Great-Granddaughter, what a beauty. She has eyes like the old ads for the Gerber Baby. She already has a great start on her own wonderful personality. While we were there, we went to Yahats and had a great time at their La De Da Parade. Funny hats, costumes and groups. Beautiful day, and where we were standing we had the Beautiful Ocean right in front of us. There was 33 of us in our family group. The weather was a little windier than last year, but the temperature was great.

Then we came home and I jumped in to finish up a couple of pieces for the show which is due to open tomorrow. Spent today getting it all set up. I am doing Beadwork, Sandy does Stained Glass, Maria and her Son Christian do watercolors and pottery. Made for a unique show.

Now I am trying to finish up my July Bead Journal page and finish some pieces to re-stock my work in the Gallery. There's always something to do (thank goodness).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We had some excitement this evening, there was a hefty earthquake out in the Aleutians which caused the warning system to go off. I was at the Lodge for a Birthday party, so I ran home to get my hubby and by the time I got home (maybe a whole five minutes) they had cancelled the warning. Well it certainly made for a less boring evening anyway. Since we have the Bay for our front yard, we try to keep up on these things. Made for a traffic mess for awhile because they evacuated all the campers out on the Spit, which makes getting out of our Road a nightmare. I guess that's something to keep in mind. The photo I am including is one I took early this spring, but you can see what I mean about the Bay being our front yard. Since I have been home, there has been a steady stream of fishing boats coming in, heading for the harbor. Its getting foggy this evening, and it always gets chilly, so I guess I will go up to my work room and do some more beading. I have a new necklace finished, which is not for the August show, just for my inventory at the Gallery. So I am going to try to make some earrings to go with it. Wishing everyone a very safe evening.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Journal Page

Well, here is the June piece for my Bead Journal. The sun represents .......ahhhh...the SUN! Which we have so little of that its almost a non-event. Our Lilacs are just now getting leaves, it looks like we lost even more of the raspberry bushes. Oh woe is me!!! Summer where have you gone? One sunny week in April does not a summer make! We will just have to keep hoping.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raven Bag

Today I managed to finish the Raven Bag I've been working on for the August show. What a lot of work they are. Thank goodness my Cousin Dolores sent me the beautiful sides of leather a few years ago. They really came in handy to make the handbag. The nearest place to purchase leather is 250 miles away. So I still have two projects that I hope to finish for the show, but I'm not going to stress if I don't get them done. (Ha Ha Ha Ha!!).
The weather has turned off gloomy and rainy again. Where is Summer and when is it going to arrive? My soul needs some sunshine. Can't complain about the temperature, just the moisture. They really need the rain in the Interior to help with the fires, wish we could send it all their way.
Just two weeks before we go down to the lower 48 to see the family. I am so ready to mingle with our off spring and meet our new little Great Granddaughter Lorilye, and visit with the rest of the family. Hopefully we will get to meet Baby Ryan while we are there, and see the other Williams children also. Can't wait.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jasiah's Beaded Bag

I have finally finished Jasiah"s beaded bag. I think it turned out ok. I'm sure he will like it, and maybe he will try to make one himself. He does well with his beadwork, when he gets around to doing it. I wonder if he will think this an odd gift for his 18th birthday? Well I made them for the other two oldest Grandsons and they seemed to like them, so I think we'll be ok. The symbols on the bag are the Medicine wheel to keep him safe and the Eagle for strength.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reflections in the Ravens Eye (SOLD)

Ok, so the title is bigger than the necklace, but who cares. One more project done for the show in August. I hadn't planned this one, but I had the crystals laying on my bead table and every time I looked at them they called out to me, so now a necklace they have become. The ravens were so funny to watch today, the wind is really blowing off of the water today and the Ravens were out there riding the wind and then they would tuck their wings and dive down almost to the ground, then ride the wind back up. They must have played around out there for half an hour. I love to watch them, they are a constant source of amusement. Tricky and smart. Anyway back to the necklace. The round glass centerpiece is a button and the bottom diamond shape is a vintage bead. I love vintage beads, they just fit in with my beadwork all the time. I must find more......I still have three projects left to do. One is almost finished, well the beadwork piece is ready to be put on to a pouch, which I have yet to make, and the other two pieces have not even been started.....well, hopefully they won't take too long.

Dance Fan and Buckle for Mina

So I have finished the dance fan and buckle for my friends Granddaughter. Whew, another "to-do" finished on time. Mina will wear the buckle and use the dance fan at the potlatches that her family attend.The Eagle and the Beluga Whale are their totems. Mina used to stand on a small suitcase when she was little, and that was her stage, and she would sing or tell long stories. What a ham she is. Beautiful little ham I must say.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Halibut Cove

Friday night we took a ride over to Halibut Cove for the Spring opening of their Gallery, "The Experience Gallery". They feature the art work of the Halibut Cove residents only. Beautiful little Gallery, great Artwork. We also toured the late Diane Tillion's Gallery. Got to see some of her work that I had not seen before. She was such a nice person, and very talented. Most of her work was in Octopus Ink. She was also a very talented sculptor. We had great weather,cooler on the water going and coming, but I so enjoy being on the water. Jack went with us this year and really enjoyed it. Met up with our friends Tammy and Carl, they are building an Inn over there. They are just the greatest couple, just love them. Their daughter Chelsey is starting her own business of herbal lotions, creams and I'm not sure what else. Tammy raves about them (as any mother would), but it will be nice to see how she does. We went over on the Danny J, which is our favorite boat, I have always loved going over to the Cove and have always wanted to live there. They usually only have about 20 residents in the winter, you can get iced in. I took the long distance photo of the Inn that Tammy and Carl are building, for my friend Dolores in Petaluma, California. Dolores and I went over and visited Tammy when they were just in the designing phase of the Inn. They had built two small cabins that they rented out as B&B rooms. Beautiful little cabins, all hand done as well as the furniture. Dolores loved meeting Tammy, and seeing the Cove. My dear friend is now batteling cancer, which with the help of God she will win that battle. We had such great times when our kids were little, camping, swimming at the lake, exploring caves. Wonderful memories, and hope to make more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another piece finished.

So today was a mix as far as the weather goes. Sun, clouds, other words..Spring in Alaska. Just hoping for a nice summer this year. We didn't get one at all last year. So Cousin Dolores is doing well and is back home. Our Daughter is recovering from her surgery very well, and we are well away from the horrible storms they are having down south. Keep those folks in your prayers, they need it.
I have been steadily working on the pieces for the show in August. Still have a ways to go, but since there are four of us, the burden is not as great as it would be if you were doing a solo show. I have completed a "vintage look" beaded bag that I started several years ago and then just put it aside because I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish it. Well, its finally done, and I am going to add it to my "show" pieces. I am still working on a beaded leather handbag, and one last sculptural piece, then I think I'm done. The "vintage look" bag is only beaded on the front. I sewed the beaded piece to velvet and added a cord strap, and beaded edging. I used a vintage button for the closure.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Journal Square

I have May all done. Turquoise..SURPRISE!!! Ok, so I like Turquoise, can't help myself. Anyway, the square is all done, and I am thinking I may make small boxes out of my squares when they are all done..don't know for sure, but that's what I'm thinking now.
We lost our precious Aunt Lou yesterday, two years to the day that we lost our Nephew Ryan. I'm beginning not to like the month of May. My dear dear Cousin Dolores is battling for her life right now. What a sweetheart she is, I wish I was close enough to go see her. Her husband Jim is keeping me up to date with what is going on. They are such a great couple. We are keeping them in our prayers.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Catching up....almost

Finally, I am able to get in to Blogger. Tried all day yesterday and finally made it in today. I have been extremely busy trying to finish pieces for the show in August, so that while we are down on the Oregon Coast in July, I won't have to be fretting about being behind. Ok, so I probably will fret anyway. I have finished the second " Collar". I am pretty happy with it. Once again I used one of Laura Mears' beautiful porcelain pieces as the focal point. This collar will be titled "Raven's Muse".The collar represents raven feathers and there are also two raven"feathers on each side of the porcelain piece. I have also ALMOST finished the Raven Dancer. Just have to finish the hands and Drum that he will be holding. It took 6 HANKS of seed beads, and 2000-plus, "daggers" for the feathers on the body. I completely beaded the body first, then went back and added the "feathers". I foolishly thought it would only take about 4-500 daggers. So much for thinking. Then of course, I broke the mask that I made out of Fimo clay when I went to put it on, I pushed to hard and it snapped in three pieces. So, a second mask was made. I am having a heck of a time with my hands at the moment, too much can that be. I still have to finish my Grandsons eagle bag for his birthday, which we will be celebrating on the Coast. Can't wait. I have also been working on a feather fan for a little girl here to use when she dances at the potlatches. Never a shortage of projects it seems.
The weather here is absolutely beautiful, too nice to be in the house. I took our "Step-dog" Joey for a walk on the beach last night and I think thats where we will be heading again soon, while the tide is out. Ok so much for now, I will post pictures of the finished and almost finished projects. Both of these pieces sold.