Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Sun Please!

Well, what can I say except that today was the most beautiful day we've had all summer. Yesterday was beautiful but windy, I had to work so I missed it, but today I was home and I soaked up as much sun as I possibly could. I sat outside all day, either beading or just sitting and enjoying the sun and the beautiful fireworks on the water. At least that's what the sun looked like on the water, it was just beautiful. I seemed to have used the word beautiful a lot, but nothing else can describe the day. And tomorrow is supposed to be great also, then back to rain. But we had today!!! I wish the picture I took of the sparkles on the water did justice to the beauty. They really looked like a sparkler you would burn on the fourth of July. I wish Jack would have been here to enjoy it with me, but he is still in Anchorage. I did get my laundry done today, so I didn't waste the whole day. Can't wait for more sunshine tomorrow, and yes, I will be outside enjoying it all day. I hope everyone had as beautiful a day as we had.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This and That

So, what have I been doing? Well, I have stayed busy doing this and that....Our Grandson Isaac has been in OHSU in Portland for surgery on his bowel. What a tough little guy he is, and I am happy to say he is doing well. I talked to him this morning and he was having high hopes for Jello....I hope he realized his wish today. As soon as all is working well he will be able to go home. Keep him in your prayers. We also babysat our step-dog Joey for a few days, he really is a lot of company. We (Joey and I) had our walk on the beach which we both enjoy. Its kind of fun having company on my beach walk once in awhile. I took lots of pictures of the different patterns in the sand that the water makes..they are all so beautiful. And of course, I am busy beading for Christmas....scarey how quickly that comes around. Jack will be heading to Anchorage next weekend for training on the new Dialysis machine. He is not looking forward to switching, since all has been going so well with this one. Seems like they have to keep stirring the waters all the time. So, tomorrow my friend Karen V. is coming down to visit from Sterling. They have sold their beautiful home and are moving back to Washington state. Sandy and I went up and spent the day with Karen and helped her sort through all her bead stash, she will keep some and sell some. We had a great day, who could have a bad day sorting beads? I will miss her even though we only got to visit once in awhile, she always makes me laugh. Our friendship started when she took a bead class from me, and kept showing up at my door every time she came over on the ferry. What fun!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Summer...what happened to it? This has been the coldest summer on record, did I already say that? Rain and wind, a nice day, then three or four more days of cool, windy and rainy weather. Its really weighing me down lately. I have been doing some beading and some painting, and a lot of wimping around. I really need another bright and sunny day, PLEASE!!!!! Now they have ads on TV for back-to-school....ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Went to coffee with "The Girls" today, thought that would help..not so much. My mind just flits from one thing to the next, never really settling anywhere. The wind almost wiped out my tiny garden, broke my pole beans down and they were just starting to bloom. I really have nothing positive to say so I will just shut up. Maybe tomorrow...... (Necklace and earrings SOLD)