Sunday, January 29, 2012

January BJP 2012

Well, I finally decided what I was going to do for my pages this year. Well, Nature decided for me. This has been such an awful winter this year, with a lot of temperature readings below zero and it has affected the wildlife as hard as it has the human population. So, I was so taken with the Rabbit in the tree, it just had to be. Good grief, that rhymes...didn't mean to do that, anyway, the critters we live around will be my focus this year......starting with the rabbit that took refuge in the lower branches of our tree. He also seems to be sheltering under our deck, according to the tracks he leaves behind. The snow is just deep enough that I think he just hopped from the snowbank onto the branches. Anyway, if he returns I now have batteries in my camera, so I am ready.

Baby Bibs

I found the cutest pattern for Bibs by a lady in Oregon, and decided to make some for the baby corner at work. They are just so cute.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Rabbit in a Tree

Well, I never thought I'd see a rabbit in a tree, but ...believe it or not, one of the wild rabbits that have been hanging about was up in the lower branches of the tree in our front yard tonight. Since its only 1 degree and the snow is frozen, he was probably trying to find a warmer place to rest for the night. I ran for my camera, but of course the batteries are dead!!!! I think I must have startled him because he disappeared. I must get batteries!!! I feel so sorry for the animals now with this awful cold we are having, and there is no end in sight. What a strange winter we have been having. Not only here, but now the whole Northwest is getting hit with awful weather. Flooding, wind..who knows what tomorrow will bring, maybe another rabbit in the tree.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bead&Button Cancer Project

I finished my Bead Quilt square and made it to the Postoffice today, and mailed off the square and the swan. Its been really cold again today, and of course we ran out of heating oil in the early morning hours, but they managed to get to us before noon today, so with the oven, a firelog, and the portable propane heater in the garage, our pipes did not freeze and neither did we. We both had the thought a few days ago that we should stick the tank and see how our fuel supply was, and neither one of us did a thing about it, so our fault that we ran out. Where do the birds go when we are having blizzard conditions? They showed up here yesterday for food, and I was wishing I had more to give them, they looked so darn miserable. I am adding a picture of some of them sitting on our railing. I just wonder where they all go at night, especially since we have been having such awful winds at night. 35 to 50 mile an hour winds. Anchorage was getting 100 mile an hour winds on the hillside. Ahhh life in Alaska. Well, I need to make some new jewelry for the Gallery, so I best get some ideas going. Stay warm and happy beading to all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breast Cancer Ornament Project

So after three tries, the first was WAY to big the second MICRO-MINI, I have finally completed my ornament to be sent to the Bead&Button Show for the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer Auction this June. The Bead&Button Show will be held in Milwaukee this year. I have only been to one Bead&Button Show and that was held in Portland, Oregon, and I just happened on accident to be there while it was going on. I remember looking at the postings for the classes they were offering and wishing I had actually scheduled the whole accident so I could have attended one or more of the classes. By accident I mean, accidentally being in Portland at the right time. The ornament is part of Jeanette Shanigan's part of the fund raiser. In the past she has called for 2" beaded squares and then she would bead them all together and make mini wall quilts to auction off. Her life situation has changed and so she called for 50 ornaments to be made and donated directly to B&B. B&B will be receiving the squares and putting them together this year. I still have to finish my square before I mail off the Swan. The theme this year is Birds for both the squares and the ornaments.
The Swan is 2"x2". The body is a piece of a foam ball, the neck is cloth covered wire with a bead to shape the head, and then beaded. You have to sign the piece, so I made the "Pond" around the Swan so I would have a bottom to sign on. I think she came out cute.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Sunrise of 2012

I forgot to post my January 1st sunrise photo. Not that its a big deal, but I have it so why not post it. Its been below zero for over a week now, and today its a balmy 7 degrees. I have been working up in my workroom, but finally had to come down and warm up. I am working on my bird ornament for the cancer fundraiser. Bead and Button took over this year, so when its done it goes to them after a photo is sent to Jeanette Shanigan. Or am I still confused? I thought there were two ornament projects going on for the Cancer project, but now I'm not sure. We have until May to get them in, I thought we had to have them done by March. Too much confusion for the first project of the year. I will have to go over to the beadstore next week and talk to Gig, she will get me on the right road. Happy Beading all.