Friday, March 22, 2013

My March Madness.

 The tear drop shape was a bead, but had a flat back so it was perfect for a cabachon, and the oval above it was an earring in its other life. The strap is a loose spiral at the bottom and a smaller spiral at the neck edge. I used a "Vintage" look button for the closure. This photo does not show how beautiful the colors are. Should have taken it outside.
 I painted four pictures of the Chickadees, spring, summer, fall and winter.
 The picture of the geese  was a picture I had seen in an old Art magazine. I tore the picture out, so I no longer know which publication it was in. I do love painting birds .                                                                       The picture below is of my March Maiden. She is in pastel in keeping with Easter. Why is Easter Pastel? Just in my world maybe. Anyway, pink with flowers for SPRING!!!
We were supposed to get up to fresh snow today, thank goodness that did not occur, however the sky is still making threats.  Too much nervous energy lately, I WANT SPRING!!!!! Well, really, we have had some beautiful sunny days, COLD but beautiful. I have even been down to walk the beach three times in the last week and a half. Went to a different area of the beach to walk yesterday.....talked to a "Homerite" because she was determined to talk to me, actually I mostly listened to her life story that she was determined to tell me about. Thankfully her dog struck up another friendship and off she went to ....perhaps finish her story with someone else. Now I know why I rarely walk this stretch of beach, not that I mind visiting with others....sometimes. I have projects to finish, so I should get busy, besides housework needs to be done, back to work tomorrow.
I  also participated in the "Painted Plate" project for the Bunnell Gallery. This is the first time (and could be the last) I have participated in their fund raiser. Ceramics and I have not had a great relationship in the past. I am terrified that the 3 plates I painted will turn out terrible. Well, I won't know for another month. Then I may have to send them a "Sorry" card, time will tell.    

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We received the call today that we had been dreading. Our beautiful friend has left us. I am so glad that I got to spend last Thursday with her. It was a rough day for her, but we had some laughs and battered back a few tears along the way. She was looking forward to going home and being done with the needles and IV's for awhile. When I left, we both said "I love you". Thank you God for that, it doesn't make the loss any easier, but at least I got to tell her I loved her. Our thoughts all day have been with her Family. They are all strong individuals, and will be there for their Dad,who's battling his own health issues , it just leaves "us" the Friends with ....???? matter what words you use, no matter how many things you would like to say...they're just words. Do they help? Not really, only time helps, and personal space. But we must say something right?   She was Bossy, opinionated, beautiful, compassionate, a hard worker, a Beader, can't forget that, and funny, and so much fun to be around. I admired her "Can-Do" attitude and friendliness to all.  She leaves a big hole in a lot of lives. Cancer..........there are no words.................I miss her terribly already, I miss our "Beady" get togethers, the card games, lunch, laughter, just sharing our lives for a short time. The pain and suffering is over for her....the heartbreak for those she left behind has just begun. I can hear your laughter "Queenie", I hope it stays with me forever..........