Friday, April 20, 2012

March and April BJP

Finally, I am caught back up...for now. The piece for March features The fiesty little grey squirrel that thinks the bird feeder is his private stash and tries to run the birds off all the time. Tries, but they keep coming back and some days they gang up on the squirrel and he stays away for a day or two, but then returns with the same "I'm in Charge" attitude. April features one of the many Eagles that use our tree out front for a scouting post. They are all building nests now so the fight will be on with all the birds guarding their territories. Saw the Canada Geese yesterday and a friend posted that the Cranes are here already. I haven't heard them yet, but they usually nest in the swampy area down the road from us, so I'm sure we will see them soon. The moose will be dropping their babies next month, and the bears are out of their dens also, so.....mother natures family is on the move.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring is Coming........Right?

Spring really does seem to be on its way. The days are getting longer and we are having more Sunshine, and its even warm sunshine. It is 42 here today and its really beautiful. I have been working on two pictures for the Spring Watercolor show thats coming up in a couple of weeks. I think they are done....I just need to get them in their frames and leave them alone. I have finished a couple more simple necklaces for the Gallery, very simple. This is a fishing, skiing, outdoorsy town and the more intricately beaded pieces just don't sell, however, the tourists like them so I guess I should do a couple of more "Beady" pieces for summer. I just can't seem to focus with the sudden onset of Sunshine..I feel, well, almost frantic for some reason. I hate it when I feel this direction, just scattered. I need to finish my March BJP before April is over..hate being one to blame but myself.
We went to the Lodge for Easter and watched the kids hunt for eggs, the snow was mostly gone out of the yard so they had a good time. We watched the Ravens watching the kids and when the Adults went to hide the eggs for the next group of little ones, one Raven decided he needed an egg too. He tried several times to get his beak around one and finally he just jabbed his beak into the egg and flew off with it, with the other ravens hot on his trail. It was such a beautiful day and the tide was a minus five, so a lot of people were down on the beach clamming. One unfortunate fella left his truck unattended and the tide came in and well, the truck disappeared under water. Don't know if he was able to get it out when the tide went back out or not. Well, anyway, I am posting my latest Watercolors and need to get back to work.

I am happy to report that both of these paintings sold this year.