Thursday, June 23, 2011

We had some excitement this evening, there was a hefty earthquake out in the Aleutians which caused the warning system to go off. I was at the Lodge for a Birthday party, so I ran home to get my hubby and by the time I got home (maybe a whole five minutes) they had cancelled the warning. Well it certainly made for a less boring evening anyway. Since we have the Bay for our front yard, we try to keep up on these things. Made for a traffic mess for awhile because they evacuated all the campers out on the Spit, which makes getting out of our Road a nightmare. I guess that's something to keep in mind. The photo I am including is one I took early this spring, but you can see what I mean about the Bay being our front yard. Since I have been home, there has been a steady stream of fishing boats coming in, heading for the harbor. Its getting foggy this evening, and it always gets chilly, so I guess I will go up to my work room and do some more beading. I have a new necklace finished, which is not for the August show, just for my inventory at the Gallery. So I am going to try to make some earrings to go with it. Wishing everyone a very safe evening.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Journal Page

Well, here is the June piece for my Bead Journal. The sun represents .......ahhhh...the SUN! Which we have so little of that its almost a non-event. Our Lilacs are just now getting leaves, it looks like we lost even more of the raspberry bushes. Oh woe is me!!! Summer where have you gone? One sunny week in April does not a summer make! We will just have to keep hoping.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raven Bag

Today I managed to finish the Raven Bag I've been working on for the August show. What a lot of work they are. Thank goodness my Cousin Dolores sent me the beautiful sides of leather a few years ago. They really came in handy to make the handbag. The nearest place to purchase leather is 250 miles away. So I still have two projects that I hope to finish for the show, but I'm not going to stress if I don't get them done. (Ha Ha Ha Ha!!).
The weather has turned off gloomy and rainy again. Where is Summer and when is it going to arrive? My soul needs some sunshine. Can't complain about the temperature, just the moisture. They really need the rain in the Interior to help with the fires, wish we could send it all their way.
Just two weeks before we go down to the lower 48 to see the family. I am so ready to mingle with our off spring and meet our new little Great Granddaughter Lorilye, and visit with the rest of the family. Hopefully we will get to meet Baby Ryan while we are there, and see the other Williams children also. Can't wait.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jasiah's Beaded Bag

I have finally finished Jasiah"s beaded bag. I think it turned out ok. I'm sure he will like it, and maybe he will try to make one himself. He does well with his beadwork, when he gets around to doing it. I wonder if he will think this an odd gift for his 18th birthday? Well I made them for the other two oldest Grandsons and they seemed to like them, so I think we'll be ok. The symbols on the bag are the Medicine wheel to keep him safe and the Eagle for strength.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reflections in the Ravens Eye (SOLD)

Ok, so the title is bigger than the necklace, but who cares. One more project done for the show in August. I hadn't planned this one, but I had the crystals laying on my bead table and every time I looked at them they called out to me, so now a necklace they have become. The ravens were so funny to watch today, the wind is really blowing off of the water today and the Ravens were out there riding the wind and then they would tuck their wings and dive down almost to the ground, then ride the wind back up. They must have played around out there for half an hour. I love to watch them, they are a constant source of amusement. Tricky and smart. Anyway back to the necklace. The round glass centerpiece is a button and the bottom diamond shape is a vintage bead. I love vintage beads, they just fit in with my beadwork all the time. I must find more......I still have three projects left to do. One is almost finished, well the beadwork piece is ready to be put on to a pouch, which I have yet to make, and the other two pieces have not even been started.....well, hopefully they won't take too long.

Dance Fan and Buckle for Mina

So I have finished the dance fan and buckle for my friends Granddaughter. Whew, another "to-do" finished on time. Mina will wear the buckle and use the dance fan at the potlatches that her family attend.The Eagle and the Beluga Whale are their totems. Mina used to stand on a small suitcase when she was little, and that was her stage, and she would sing or tell long stories. What a ham she is. Beautiful little ham I must say.