Friday, June 14, 2013

Raven Wallet

Finally finished the bead embroidery piece for my wallet. I have been wanting my own Raven piece and now all I have to do is attach it to the wallet and bead around the edge. The design represents the Myths about Raven here in Alaska, Sun, Moon, my Turquoise Mountain, and the red and black represent the Blankets worn in Ceremonial s. I have been working on this piece for a couple of weeks since I have been staying close to home and hubby. Tomorrow we leave to go to Anchorage and have him admitted to the hospital for tests. He should have been there weeks ago, but he did not want to go until our secondary insurance became effective. As usual the insurance company has run us around every bush in the country. The insurance was supposed to be in effect in May, then June now not until July, but he can't wait any longer. My fear is that we waited too long already. Its going to be a long 4 1/2 hour's for him to have to sit on our not so soft car seats. He has lost so much weight he has no padding to sit on. At least the weather is in our favor.  We've been married so long we have become one almost.  I'm not sure why I said that...hmmm. We will do fine, God is our guide. Prayers are all we need now.