Thursday, July 4, 2013

Losing The Love of my Life

In the early morning hours of June 30th, I lost the love of my life. We were well into our 44th year together.....not enough! We were fortunate that our Son had come up to help with his Dad, I don't know what I would have done without him. He did all the lifting and carrying that I would not have been able to do.
The only regret is that the Girls were not able to get here in time. Our Oldest Daughter landed at the airport just an hour after he left us. That made it double devastating. He passed on at home with myself and our Son at his side. He had talked to each one of our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren and said his goodbyes. And our Daughters had called every day so they all got to say what was important to them. He also talked to the other family members and a few of his very special friends. We had never been apart until we came to Alaska and he had to work away from home for almost five years, but we talked every day and I drove up to his camp and spent as much time each month as I could. We neither one liked being apart, but had no choice at the time. He had a wicked sense of humor and could be very sarcastic in a funny way. He had many friends, but two best friends that he loved like Brothers.  He loved the out of doors and we camped as often as we could.  He was a bit of a clothes horse (he never threw any clothes away) and loved good, no, the best boots for work. He was one of the finest Artist I've ever had the privilege of knowing. He loved detail. And he loved our Children with a passion. They in turn loved him just as much. I keep waiting for him to come in the door and when it hits me that he never will again, it feels like I just lost him all over again. He was my strength, my sunshine, my soul mate. My life will never be the same.