Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Burning Basket 2013 "Enjoy"

Another beautiful basket woven with local grasses, alder, nettles, rose hips, fireweed, tansie, and someone brought beautiful poppies to adorn the basket at the last minute. It turned out beautiful again this year. The weather was the weather, rain, wind, rain, wind, and even some sunshine. We had beautiful sunsets each evening. I do enjoy this project each year, a lot of work, but it brings so much satisfaction. Each year it amazes me how it draws people from every walk of life. What a melting pot we are in Homer. The children from the Fireweed Academy take great pride in their contribution to the basket and the Labyrinth. They add so much joy to the project.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finished Wallet

I finished my wallet some time ago and forgot to post a picture, so here it is. I am working on another bag now, it will be a smaller one. My powers of concentration have been under a cloud, I feel like I'm in a boat drifting to no where. Oh boo hoo, poor me...I hate feeling this way...just tired I guess. Weather has been fog and rain and its  wreaking havoc with my joints and my mood. Burning Basket has started this week, I plan on going out tomorrow and helping for awhile maybe that will help. I went to a retirement party Saturday after work for Jacks best friend, it was so overwhelming I had to leave before the evening even started. I know things will get easier, I just have to try harder.