Sunday, October 27, 2013

Desperate to Finish

I have been feeling....nothing. I can't seem to kick myself into gear for anything. I started feeling like such a bum, never getting anything finished. Now here it is almost the end of October...did I mention I turned 70 the other day? Well I did. Not sure how I feel about that, except that I don't think of myself as that old, but there it is. I hope by getting in some real Family time, my attitude will change and I will get back in the groove, if the groove is still there. So as not to be a complete failure, I have finished my BJP early. I am so thankful that I stayed with a simple project this year. Each doll means a lot to me and these last four mean..well ...that I didn't fail...I finished. And that's enough for me right now.
 September, the Burning Basket project was my focus this month.
October, well turning 70 was on my mind a lot . I do feel different I must admit, because of the loss of Jack I have had a lot of legal and financial matters to handle and they seemed to pile up this month for some reason, but I think I have them all handled now. So many things I never thought about ever having to do, makes me more determined to make sure I have everything in order for the Kids in the event something were to happen to me. I don't want them to have a ton of things to deal with. Thanksgiving.

December ..a Family Gathering in the plans. I wish all who have participated in the BJP this year, the Happiest of Holidays, and may the New Year bring everyone a Basket of Blessings.