Saturday, May 21, 2016

Try try again.....again

So much time has passed I hardly know where to begin. Our Grandson Ryan is coming for a visit with two of his friends. They are in Anchorage now and will be coming down this way tomorrow.  I have really been looking forward to this visit. He has only been here once before and I think he was only about five or six years old. I was so hoping the weather would stay beautiful, but this is spring time in Alaska. 

I have not been idle but with my daughter moving up I have been "re-locating" things here in the house. I definitely have way to much "stuff" and plan on getting rid of a lot. I have been using my sewing room as a "holding pen" ...well enough said about that....that's a headache for another day.

My beading is now in my bedroom and if I can get my lighting right, it should work out fine.....I hope.  With this new computer I hope to get some pictures downloaded to the blog soon.

Definitely feeling my age.