Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Talked to our Son this evening, he finally received his backpack and was very pleased with it. I had to laugh, because he thought he should never use it for fear of losing beads. I told him they are on there for life and he had better use it. I made him promise!! I never did hear from my Granddaughter as to whether or not she was happy with her handbag I made her for Christmas. I guess I will assume that she was happy with it. We had quite a ride up the road today, we had to go to Soldotna for a Doctors visit and ended up sliding sideways in the southbound lane, as we were heading North!!!! Ended up in a snowbank. We are fine, the grill on our car is not..could have been worse, there could have been a lot of traffic. A very kind young man and his Dad pulled us out of the snowbank and got us back on the road. We told them at the clinic that we did not want to make the trip again until spring, or much better weather. Alls well that ends well. Back to the bead room.

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JannaStamps said...

That's an awesome bag! Wonderful! Love you :)
Glad you are both O.K.!!!!!