Friday, April 1, 2011

Beaded Collar

At has taken me a little more than a month to finish, but I have now completed my first ever collar. I love it. I know, its turquoise and I used the "carnival glass" colored seed beads that I love and use use use, but after struggling with other color combinations, I stayed true to what I most love and enjoy. I am for sure going to make another one, and TRY to use other color combinations. Like Turquoise and Coral...or Turquoise and Onyx.....or maybe Turquoise and Carnelian....Ok, Ok... I really am going to try something different. I absolutely love the Raven, its so beautiful. Anyway, today has been a success, I am happy. This collar is part of what I am making for the August Show..Raven will be playing an important roll in what I am making. My next project will be a beaded figure..also Raven off I go.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. I can't believe it is your first one! Totally impressed.

Carol said...

Holy Cow!!
Absolutely Amazing.

JannaStamps said...