Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gallery Show 2011

Well, I am pleased to say that the show in the Gallery is going well. On the other hand, I will never see my beadwork pieces again..sob, sob. However I did take photos of each of them. I am very pleased that Jeanette Shanigan, author of several beading books,( my favorite one is Beaded Adornment) stopped in and bought the Raven Dancer. She did feel that I had underpriced my work, but over the last few years I've come to the realization that in this small town, the higher prices mean no sales. The joy for me is seeing how pleased and happy a piece of my work can make someone feel, that's the best. Anyway, all the pieces so far have gone to really great people so I am pleased about that.
Today was just a beautiful day, my friend from Sterling came down with her friend from Minnesota and we played on the beach and wandered through all the Touristy shops and of course we went through all the Galleries. We have such nice Galleries here, The Fireweed Gallery is the best of course, and not just because I work there. Well, time to get ready to end the day and get ready for tomorrow, God willing.


Carol said...

Hi Char
I always love it when you post pics of your work. Your work is unique and beautiful. I know what you mean about pricing. In the 80s, I sold my jewelry and sewn pieces at local shows. It helped pay the bills while my husband was out of work. I priced at what the local market would bare, but the cash flow kept us a float. It was an experience, for sure. But I don't sell anymore.

JannaStamps said...

How exciting to have someone who writes books on beading to buy one of your pieces! What a fabulous compliment!!! Of course you deserve it! Congratulations on your sales!