Friday, April 20, 2012

March and April BJP

Finally, I am caught back up...for now. The piece for March features The fiesty little grey squirrel that thinks the bird feeder is his private stash and tries to run the birds off all the time. Tries, but they keep coming back and some days they gang up on the squirrel and he stays away for a day or two, but then returns with the same "I'm in Charge" attitude. April features one of the many Eagles that use our tree out front for a scouting post. They are all building nests now so the fight will be on with all the birds guarding their territories. Saw the Canada Geese yesterday and a friend posted that the Cranes are here already. I haven't heard them yet, but they usually nest in the swampy area down the road from us, so I'm sure we will see them soon. The moose will be dropping their babies next month, and the bears are out of their dens also, so.....mother natures family is on the move.


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Char, your pieces are spectacular! I love the way you're using nature in your pieces.

char said...

Thanks for your nice comment Anne Marie, we have such an array of wildlife right in our front yard all year long it was just a natural decision to include them in my journal.

Janna said...

Beautiful, as always! :)

Robin said...

You have a truly amazing gift for making realistic creatures with beads, and for making scenes that are alive in the moment.

So many beaders who attempt this type of piece end up with something that looks like a beaded photograph, very flat and predictable.... Your work is unique art!

I'm so please you're in the BJP and I get to see it!

Marty S said...

Wonderful! Your beading is an amazing way to watch the changes of the seasons.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader