Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beach Walk and Beads

Looking out the window at the Beach this AM and was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to "Be There", so off I went. It was 36 and no wind, made for such a great walk, and I only picked up one shell and one rock...a new record for me. No beach glass today, but I ran into a friend that says she has found a real treasure of glass. Hmmmm, and she walks the same area as I do, however she told me she walks every day. I need to get down there more. Came home and Mr J said he felt like eating today so we went for a burger and Ice tea. Came back home and finished the clasp on my cuff, darn, its just a little big for me, I made it to take to the Gallery, but I may have to "embed it with my "essence" for a day or two before I take it down. I used Turquoise of course and Carnelian and the coin. I love the more Ethnic look, and it will look good in the showcase with the Necklace I made just before we closed for painting. Now to finish my friends quilted jacket, and get busy on baby things for the two new babies that will be born in a couple of months. Two more Great-grandchildren expected. One Boy and one Girl, two different families. Can't wait!!


Janna said...

Very pretty bracelet!!


When they feel like eating .... its like a MAGIC day!!!!2 new GREAT GRAND CHILDREN!! that right there is the good stuff!!! i hope i have a dozen and half of them that i can lead astray and they say" Ya know CRAZY FUN GG!!"" well i have to do something i cant sew and stuff ;op