Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Whats in a word

Ostentatious, that's what a woman said as she was looking at my beadwork in the Gallery. She did not know that I was the was just her immediate reaction when she walked up to my display. Ok so how do I take that? It means, flashy, trashy, garish, crass, flamboyant, pompous, highfaluting (my favorite), swanky, extravagant, and on and on. It has left me afflicted with doubt. I wanted to reply that she was afterall in a GALLERY. But I said nothing, and here 3 weeks later it is still leaving me in a state of doubt.  I guess maybe I should hang up my beads....but then what would I do?  Oh well, just keep plugging along I guess. Am I getting thinned skinned in my old age? That picture makes me laugh...I'm not sure why....I know living in a mainly fishing village that fancy beadwork is not on the "I want" list for locals, but the tourists seem to like it. Especially the ones that live in big cities or ones that are very socially inclined.
Well, I will leave behind a yard sale of items for my kids to get rid of.

So these are some of my beadwork in the Gallery.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Get that self doubt right out of your head!! Your work has been highly admired since you began beading. You have a talent that will not be admired by all...but what artist's works are admired by ALL? You just keep beading. Perhaps you should have stayed in the gallery longer to hear what others were saying. I used to worry about what my kids would do with all my stuff when I am gone. Now, I sell what I can and donate to sales for my local Pet Refuge. Whatever happens to the rest when I am gone I won't know about, but it gives me pleasure while I am still here.
xx, Carol

Momma Bear said...

Well I think its Beautiful! And would wear each and every piece! Don't let the comments of one person put you off something you not only love doing but excel at. Besides what are the odds she understands what she's said or what that word actually means? I'm a former librarian and let me tell you people, even learned ones, don't use their words properly.....

Janna Williams said...

Obviously, she is full of herself!! Your work is beautiful and you don't doubt yourself for a second!! There is so much I have to say in regards to her comment, but I won't lower myself to her standards. Just keep on keepin' on and do your thang!!