Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, today I am striking out into new territory...the Blog. I have set this up to go along with the Bead Journal Project that I will be starting very soon. I have already sketched a couple of pages that I will be working on, and made note of other ideas that I want to "fleshout" a little more.

My Journals are dedicated to our Grandson Christopher and Nephew Ryan. We lost both of these beautiful young Men this year. Such a void has been left.

By working on the Journals, I hope to find some peace and work through so many conflicting feelings. I dedicate these Journals to their memories.

Beading has always been a great therapy for me, so I am looking forward to starting these Journals. I will try to be faithful to the "Blog" on at least a weekly basis if not daily.

I will be including notes and photos of some of my other interests also. we go.

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