Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am now almost finished with the backpack. I have the eagle piece glued down and have beaded around three sides. My poor old fingers are a mess right now. I split my thumb when I missed my mark and slid the leather needle across it. Bled like the dickens. Two of my fingers on my right hand are also shredded on the ends. Even typing is painful at this time. Boo Hoo, poor me!! Anyway, I hope to have the backpack done by tomorrow, sore fingers or not.
I took some time this evening and visited other blogs by beaders. Wow! What an inspirational trip that was. So many wonderful beaders out there. Makes me feel silly. Its so amazing to see what other people are doing. Its also kind of depressing. The other beaders blog about the classes they give and attend and all the wonderful places they go and buy beads, and the great "Bead Gatherings and sales" that they can drive to.
I love where I live, but sometimes living in such a small town so far from the lower 48 can be a real bummer. For more than one reason of course. Besides being so far away from The Beading World, we are also far far away from our great family. Well, Boo Hoo again. I'm sure on a pity much for that!! I will post a FINISHED picture of the backpack later. Back to my "Blog Crawl".

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