Friday, June 3, 2011

Reflections in the Ravens Eye (SOLD)

Ok, so the title is bigger than the necklace, but who cares. One more project done for the show in August. I hadn't planned this one, but I had the crystals laying on my bead table and every time I looked at them they called out to me, so now a necklace they have become. The ravens were so funny to watch today, the wind is really blowing off of the water today and the Ravens were out there riding the wind and then they would tuck their wings and dive down almost to the ground, then ride the wind back up. They must have played around out there for half an hour. I love to watch them, they are a constant source of amusement. Tricky and smart. Anyway back to the necklace. The round glass centerpiece is a button and the bottom diamond shape is a vintage bead. I love vintage beads, they just fit in with my beadwork all the time. I must find more......I still have three projects left to do. One is almost finished, well the beadwork piece is ready to be put on to a pouch, which I have yet to make, and the other two pieces have not even been started.....well, hopefully they won't take too long.

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