Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catching Up.

For some reason I fell behind on my Bead Journal pages, however, I am fast catching up. I finished August and September today, and have an idea for October, then I just have November left and I will have all 12 Months finished. August was the month of the show at the gallery that I took part in and my part was devoted to the Raven pretty much, so of course my August BJP is also devoted to the Raven. September is the month that we work on the Burning Basket project, so my September square depicts this event. I received a call today for more Barrettes, just when I had a new project lined up. So, tomorrow is Barrette day, then I can get on with my other projects. I have been following "Mandys" blog, she is learning a new bead technique every day for a! What dedication she has, and what great new things she has learned. I must say I have learned a few things from her Blog also. So, someday I will have more free time to concentrate on a few new things, someday..........Well, here are my last two squares. You can't see the daggers or "feathers" on the black square, but they are there and look great. The red on the September square represents the fire, the basket is in brown and tan and the blue represents the beautiful Bay on whose shore we construct the basket. Each basket always has a "crown" or centerpiece and thats what the Face represents, the Centerfold of the basket and the people that work on the basket and come to enjoy it.

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Cyndi L said...

I love the way the black one turned out...that is just stunning!