Friday, November 4, 2011

Two down..almost three

Ok, so two down almost three......Barrettes that is. Came home early yesterday from work..not feeling so great, however today, other than a dull headache I have felt better. Back to work tomorrow. Anyway, I am posting the Barrettes that I have finished including the one I made for my boss lady a couple of years ago(the pink and black one). She showed that one to a customer and of course thats what the customer wants, only a different color. So the green one is the one I did for her, I had to make it longer to suit her but I think it came out pretty nice anyway. The copper colored one has six vintage square nailheads in the design. Love those vintage beads. The center medallion is also a vintage earring. Old earrings sure come in handy. I love using found objects in my beadwork.

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JannaStamps said...

Very pretty!! I love the danglies!!