Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Sun Please!

Well, what can I say except that today was the most beautiful day we've had all summer. Yesterday was beautiful but windy, I had to work so I missed it, but today I was home and I soaked up as much sun as I possibly could. I sat outside all day, either beading or just sitting and enjoying the sun and the beautiful fireworks on the water. At least that's what the sun looked like on the water, it was just beautiful. I seemed to have used the word beautiful a lot, but nothing else can describe the day. And tomorrow is supposed to be great also, then back to rain. But we had today!!! I wish the picture I took of the sparkles on the water did justice to the beauty. They really looked like a sparkler you would burn on the fourth of July. I wish Jack would have been here to enjoy it with me, but he is still in Anchorage. I did get my laundry done today, so I didn't waste the whole day. Can't wait for more sunshine tomorrow, and yes, I will be outside enjoying it all day. I hope everyone had as beautiful a day as we had.

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aprilZ said...

Glad you like Cyril. You obviously share my love of wildlife and get as much pleasure as I do from painting and beading animals/birds. I've only just read about your squirrel encounter - what a performance! We had a similar experience with a young jackdaw which fell down a boarded up chimney. Luckily I was able to grab its legs, but it wasn't very grateful for being rescued!

What a view - and gorgeous photos. I've flown over your part of the world and spent a few hours in Anchorage airport on my way to Japan in the late 90s. I wish I could have seen more.

Hope all goes well with your family and friends - sounds as if you're going through a stressful time.