Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got up to snow flurries this AM...NO MORE SNOW!!!! We are all so ready for spring to come. Decided to add a few more of my pieces of beadwork to my blog. Looking at beadwork is so much better than looking out at the snow. Some of the pictures did not turn out as good as I would like, but....its better than looking at snow...did I already say that? This is my needle case that I did in a class with Kate Boyan. Kate is such a fabulous beader, I join in her classes every chance I get, just to enjoy her company and that great ....creative...spiritual...I'm not sure what to call it exactly..anyway, it makes me feel so good to be around other like minded people. Its like a shot in the arm. I am a solitary beader now that I am no longer giving classes. I love the Iroquois style of beadwork because it is so textural.

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