Friday, April 30, 2010

So today was just one disaster after another so I put aside my beads and moved over to my sewing machine. I made two pairs of pillow cases and then decided to get out the quilt I started five years ago and never finished. That was going well until I discovered that I had used one of my main fabrics at some time and now I am short. So I ran over to the fabric store and of course, the fabric is five years old and they did not have any more. Mary (the manager of that department) said she would be glad to give me some out of her own stash...if only she had some.
When I got home I had a message to call my friend Sandy at the Gallery and she invited me to go to a special showing of a documentary that was made about a local artist Norman Lowell. So off we went. It was very well attended and a great documentary. Norman and Libby are such nice people and he is such a fine artist. The documentary was well received internationally and won first place over 4000 others.
Then back home, and back to the quilt. I managed to scrounge enough scraps to finish the squares I needed (I hope) so maybe the day isn't a total loss.
I also sent out a plea for help to my Sister Janna, to guide me through adding the Bead Journal Logo to my blog page. Another success, God is good. Janna has helped me a lot with my blog, I could not have done it without her.
Back to work tomorrow, perhaps it will be a good day all around. I hope so. This awful gray, rainy weather is not much help in the attitude department. If God gives us tomorrow, its up to us to make it good. So thats my plan.

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