Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Took a walk on the beach today, glad I was alone, well, not really alone, I walked with my Grandson Chris at my side and in my heart. It turned into a very emotional walk. The harder I tried to move past the grief, the more it enveloped me. When does it get easier I wonder. Lets move on.
I turned in my two floats to the Coastal Studies today. I ask if they had a good showing with the artists and she said yes that there seems to be a lot of participation. She took a photo of me with the floats. I hope it doesn't show up any where. I was dressed for my walk on the beach. They will be having a First Friday Opening June 4th. That should be fun to see what everyone has done.

No signs of the "boys" today. We have twin baby bull mooses that have been hanging around the house. Only saw one of them yesterday and not at all today. They are just starting to get bumps where their racks will be. Hope they make it ok. They are sure staying small this year.

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