Friday, May 13, 2011

Catching up....almost

Finally, I am able to get in to Blogger. Tried all day yesterday and finally made it in today. I have been extremely busy trying to finish pieces for the show in August, so that while we are down on the Oregon Coast in July, I won't have to be fretting about being behind. Ok, so I probably will fret anyway. I have finished the second " Collar". I am pretty happy with it. Once again I used one of Laura Mears' beautiful porcelain pieces as the focal point. This collar will be titled "Raven's Muse".The collar represents raven feathers and there are also two raven"feathers on each side of the porcelain piece. I have also ALMOST finished the Raven Dancer. Just have to finish the hands and Drum that he will be holding. It took 6 HANKS of seed beads, and 2000-plus, "daggers" for the feathers on the body. I completely beaded the body first, then went back and added the "feathers". I foolishly thought it would only take about 4-500 daggers. So much for thinking. Then of course, I broke the mask that I made out of Fimo clay when I went to put it on, I pushed to hard and it snapped in three pieces. So, a second mask was made. I am having a heck of a time with my hands at the moment, too much can that be. I still have to finish my Grandsons eagle bag for his birthday, which we will be celebrating on the Coast. Can't wait. I have also been working on a feather fan for a little girl here to use when she dances at the potlatches. Never a shortage of projects it seems.
The weather here is absolutely beautiful, too nice to be in the house. I took our "Step-dog" Joey for a walk on the beach last night and I think thats where we will be heading again soon, while the tide is out. Ok so much for now, I will post pictures of the finished and almost finished projects. Both of these pieces sold.


Carol said...

Wonderful, gorgeous, creative...
Such cliche' words often used too much and to describe the mediocre.

I'm at a loss for fresh words. So, I can only say I love them both, but Raven Dancer is beyond exclamation for me. The daggers are so perfect.

Did I say I love your work? You're right..many times.

JannaStamps said...

Well, I'm speechless Sister! Truly special!
These are both fabulous!!!! The time and work is mindblowing! You're awesome!!! Love you!

Mandy said...

Wow, incredible!