Sunday, May 29, 2011

Halibut Cove

Friday night we took a ride over to Halibut Cove for the Spring opening of their Gallery, "The Experience Gallery". They feature the art work of the Halibut Cove residents only. Beautiful little Gallery, great Artwork. We also toured the late Diane Tillion's Gallery. Got to see some of her work that I had not seen before. She was such a nice person, and very talented. Most of her work was in Octopus Ink. She was also a very talented sculptor. We had great weather,cooler on the water going and coming, but I so enjoy being on the water. Jack went with us this year and really enjoyed it. Met up with our friends Tammy and Carl, they are building an Inn over there. They are just the greatest couple, just love them. Their daughter Chelsey is starting her own business of herbal lotions, creams and I'm not sure what else. Tammy raves about them (as any mother would), but it will be nice to see how she does. We went over on the Danny J, which is our favorite boat, I have always loved going over to the Cove and have always wanted to live there. They usually only have about 20 residents in the winter, you can get iced in. I took the long distance photo of the Inn that Tammy and Carl are building, for my friend Dolores in Petaluma, California. Dolores and I went over and visited Tammy when they were just in the designing phase of the Inn. They had built two small cabins that they rented out as B&B rooms. Beautiful little cabins, all hand done as well as the furniture. Dolores loved meeting Tammy, and seeing the Cove. My dear friend is now batteling cancer, which with the help of God she will win that battle. We had such great times when our kids were little, camping, swimming at the lake, exploring caves. Wonderful memories, and hope to make more.


JannaStamps said...

Nice story and love the photos!!!!

Julie-ann Bowden said...

What a beautiful place and thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely message. Your blog is so full of beautiful art I couldn't bare forgetting it.
Thank you!