Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Fireweed BJP

I have been busy finishing up my August BJP. This one celebrates the beautiful and bountiful fireweed that we had here this year. It was so beautiful, considering some people consider it a noxious weed. It certainly made the hillside glow with its beautiful pink color. Unfortunately, the blossoms are all done now, so that means its only 6 weeks until that OTHER season. It was a beautiful summer at times and not so much at times, but just enough to make it ok for the season to wind down...sort of. I am never ready for Winter any more.


Robbie said...

The colors are wonderful!!! Perfect for, hot, hot! Nice beading too!


LOVE LOVE this!!! it is AWESOME!! I love fire weed its so bright and festive and we need something festive as we head into our long winter !

Cyndi L said...

I don't know fireweed, but I obviously need to look this up! Gorgeous piece :-)