Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Hair Barrettes

I had a request for more hair barrettes, so here they are. They requested the 4" clasps on the backs of some, so they are bigger than the others, anyway they are done and I am off to other projects now. Since the show is over at the Gallery now, I can't decide what beadwork I want to move on too. Maybe another beaded handbag or two, we'll see what happens. I really liked how the Raven bag turned out, and I hope that Mary will be pleased when Tom surprises her with it.
I brought the Raven Dancer home with me and will be mailing it off to Jeanette in a couple of weeks when she has finished with her last Cruise. She seems to enjoy being the Cruise Director and I know she does a super job. Such a nice Lady and Awesome beader. (Just a note: the top three barrettes are the ones with the 4" clasp on the back. The other two are 3" clasps.)

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JannaStamps said...

Those are beautiful and all so different. I think maybe the bottom one is my favorite, but I love the color of the one right above it, they are all gorgeous!