Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Dresses

Hooray, amid much mental whining and trying to talk myself out of finishing, I persevered and completed the last of the little dresses. I set a goal of 50 little dresses for the year and the last of them were mailed off today!!! Now I really don't have any reason not to clean up my space and get ready to do my ornament for Jeanette Shanigan's project for the cancer fund raiser. I have until March 1st, but as you can see from my little dress project, I tend to procrastinate.
The weather here today is absolutely awful. Its 6 degrees and with the wind its minus 4. I thought if we got the snow it would warm up..didn't figure on all this wind. We have certainly had a windy windy year. The poor birds empty our feeder faster than we can fill it. Even the wild rabbits try to find the seeds the birds drop into the snow. Well enough stalling, I really need to clean up all the scraps and sweep the floor, so off I go. Happy New Year to all.

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JannaStamps said...

Great job!! Very sweet dresses!