Friday, December 16, 2011

I WON ! ! !

Wow, I can hardly believe it, I won the "Beady Prize" on Jeanette Cook's blog site. I really can't believe it. I always or almost always leave a comment on the blogs that I visit. They were having a "Blog Hop" which included Marcia DeCoster, Jeanette Cook "BeadyEyed Woman" and several others. It was fun "hopping" and seeing what the other Beaders out there are doing. What a generous thing to offer a prize (if your name or number was drawn). I am really excited to see what I won. I "Borrowed" the picture of the bead stash off of Jeanette's site to include with this Posting. Hopefully it will work, if not, I will take a photo when it arrives and post it then.
I spent the afternoon going through Bead books in my workroom, including Jeanette's book and Marcia DeCoster's book. I love my books. I talked Jack into ordering a book I had seen on another Bead blog that is due out this next year. Told him he could just give me an IOU for Christmas. Well, back to looking in my books. Can't wait to get my prize, which I can't believe I won. Another Alaskan won the prize on Marcia's blog, her name is Terry, I wonder if its the Terry that works at Black Elk Leather&Beads. I do love that store. I love the smell of the leather, and they always have such wonderful cabachons. The Bead Stores are the only reason to go to Anchorage. Ok, maybe the Quilt stores too.


Linda Kittmer said...

Hi Char,

I had no trouble getting to your blog with the link on BJP. I'm enjoying looking at some of your beaded pieces. Beautiful work. I'm participating in the BJP2012 too so I'll see you online...

JannaStamps said...

Hey that's awesome!! Looks like a fun prize!!