Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, I mailed off the Christmas gifts to the whole family today. Its always a relief to get them in the mail, but its also a bit of a let down. With the cost of postage going up, I am re-thinking what will be given next year. With 30 people to do for, on a limited income......but, never fear, I will come up with an answer. I was invited to attend a friends Grandson's Christmas program this evening, that was fun. And, I didn't cry this time. Isn't that silly? I guess I cried (quietly) every other time, because I know I'm missing my own Grandchildren's programs. Well, enough of that! Now I must get my work room in some sort of order and get some projects going to get through this strange winter we are having. Cold, 40 mph winds one day, cold, pouring rain the next. This is Alaska for petes sake...just get on to the snow and let us warm up.
Did a little blog-hopping this evening,its so fun to see what other beaders are doing, but kind of frustrating too. The circle of beady friends that used to get together have all moved on to other things, so looking in on other bead blogs has become my source of inspiration. The beaders in the lower 48 have so many more resources and classes available, and that too is frustrating. Good grief...its time to shut up for tonight. Wishing everyone in the beady-blog world a Happy Holiday. I am including a photo of the Bible cover I made for my hubby for Christmas a few years ago. Thought it fit the season.


Carol said...

Your beading is always so stunning. I hope that after the holiday you post pics of some of the presents you made. The Bible cover is glorious.
Merry Christmas


Char that Cover is AWESOME!!! ~~ i was just looking at my beads the other day i MUST try and get my Ocean necklace made !! Time time time why cant there be more of it!!

Janna said...

Love that cover! I know what you mean by the postage!!! Good grief!! Love you!

Linda Kittmer said...

Hi Char,

I'm glad my blog gave you an idea for this round of BJP. Always nice to know that I can help inspire others since I get so much inspiration from my cyber friends and their blogs too!

I love the detail in this piece. It's incredible. I've had a chance to look around your blog and you've done some beautiful pieces. The hair clips make me wish I still had long hair! They're amazing.