Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dancing with the Sandhill Cranes

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day. It was 63 at 5:30 this evening. I had to shed my flannel shirt while I was mowing the grass. I went for a three hour walk on the beach this afternoon and communed with the group of Cranes that were there. There was four pairs together, finding wonderful treats to eat in the sand. I of course had to find a few shells or the day would not have been complete. Beautiful days like this in Alaska are few and far between, yesterday it was wind and rain, but today....heaven!!
We can only hope it will be a glorious tomorrow. My tiny little "garden" is doing well so far, if we actually get any vegetables..well that will be a plus. I have so enjoyed puttering around. I think about the BIG garden we had in Oregon, what a joy when it was time to Harvest. Well, there was that one year when I planted way to many hills of Squash, and Manuel kept only need one..I believe I planted about ten hills. Sister Janna and I found every recipe we could for Zucchini..Relish, bread, cake, cookies, jelly, baked, fried, steamed, you name it we tried it. And I still had to set a box of them at the end of the driveway with a "Free" sign on it. If I get a mess or two of beans and maybe a squash or two from the tiny garden I will be happy. The only problem with days like today..nothing gets done around the house unless its outside. I can't bring myself to stay inside.
Now, if only our Children and Grandchildren were here to enjoy it with us. Well, I need to go back outside for awhile and enjoy the sunshine.
I made another pair of earrings from the pattern from Juanita, and when I get a moment I will post a photo. This pattern was the same as the other earrings, except the placement of the colors made a beautiful new pattern, I really love her patterns. Now back to the sunshine!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Char
I love your blog. Your bead art and the pics taken around your home make an interesting read. I know that I have read from the beginning as a BJP member. I wonder why you moved north to Alaska (ha, that is an old Jim Horton song!).
I see the beauty, but as a sun and heat lover, I was just wondering.
xx, Carol

char said...

Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my Blog...why did we move to Alaska? Well, my husbands job came to an end when they closed the part of the Weyerhaeuser plant that he had worked in for 23 years. I was working for a logging and chipping company and the owner wanted my husband to go to work for Alaska. So we came, fell in love with Alaska, and stayed after the company sold. We miss our kids, grandkids and extended family, but we will probably be here for the rest of our lives. My husband has retired due to health issues and we have had to make many changes in our lives but we have been married for 42 years and have survived many changes so.......I must admit that last winter was the worst one we've gone through since moving here, and being 20 years older...well, thats the reason we worship every sunny day we get. Today was another of those beautiful days and we are extremely hopeful for tomorrow. If you've never been to Alaska...well, come in the summer and you will see why we live here. Homer is a small town with a huge heart and probably the best place to live in Alaska. (Unless you like to shop..we have no name brand stores here, only a general store, marine supply, we do have one Boutique if you're a size One, most shopping requires a hour and a half drive up the road or four and a half hours to Anchorage.)But everyone who comes here, well almost everyone, loves it here just because of that. Homer is known for the Art and Artists that live here. Almost everyone who lives here does Art of some sort. Keeps you on your toes and keeps you working at perfecting whatever medium/mediums you work in. Thanks for your interest.