Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Beadwork

It's been a busy couple of weeks. It is finally getting busy at the Gallery. We were beginning to wonder. We've had a couple of Cruise Ships, and we even had business from a couple of them. The young and middle-aged passengers are more apt to buy artwork then the more mature passengers. Being in the latter category...(more mature)...we have more than we need, so buy less. Unless of course its that's different.
Went up the road with a friend this week and stopped by Kate Boyan's Gallery. Now THERE is a BEADER!!!!! Besides which she's a great gal. She always inspires me when I view her work. She is truly amazing. Stop by her blog and check her out sometime.
I've been working on a floral/sculptural necklace, but I've run into a roadblock, so I needed to move away from it for awhile. I completed two pairs of earrings using Juanita's pattern, I love how they came out. I also completed a more "ethnic" piece, which I also like....good thing huh? I used Jade, Carnelian and Onyx. Anyway, from one extreme to another. Battling with the swelling in my wrist along the way also. Good old ice packs come in real handy. Oh yes,I used another of Juanita's patterns to complete a pearl necklace and earring set. Very pretty pattern. She has great instructions with her patterns.
Our weather is still up and down, more down than up lately, but the temperature has been staying nice, just rainy. Now to complete my June BJP piece before I fall too far behind. Then I plan on doing more bead embroidery, I have several patterns worked out that have just been sitting on my table ...waiting....


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

/Very nice beading. I especially love the earrings. You are so right. Being a "mature" person, I seldom buy what I don't need except jewelry. I must admit, I must love it to buy it, but if I love it I DO buy as long as its in my budget.

I love Kate's work. I can't imagine being able to see it in person.
xx, Carol

Janna said...

Very pretty sets and earrings! I bet these sell well in the gallery!

Janna said...

Very pretty sets and earrings! I bet they sell well in the gallery!